Industry: B.Farm and IMA together for organic roasting

Thursday, 26 May, 2022 and IMA confirm their partnership to increase the value of the coffee supply chain., the microroastery, thanks also to the technology of IMA Coffee Petroncini Specialty Roasters, is now certified for organic coffee roasting.

A few months after the inauguration of the new spaces, renovated to offer the partner and consumer a true 360 degree experience around coffee, from the knowledge of the Finca Rio Colorado plantation in Honduras to the tasting of specialty coffees in espresso and filter, passing through the live observation of the roasting process, the microroastery is now guaranteed for the roasting of organic coffee., in fact, is also the production site of all specialty coffees selected and guaranteed by, now certified “organic”, thanks to the dedicated production line, which integrates the technology of the IMA Coffee Petroncini Specialty roaster that guarantees very high quality, technological and safety standards, as well as a total replicability of the roasting curves and pre-set parameters. That is fundamental for the respect of a rigorous disciplinary: from the storage of the raw material, passing through the roasting phase, and to the subsequent packaging of coffee bags that can be destined both to the shop for direct sale or consumption or be produces on behalf of third parties.

"In the company, but even more when it comes to the organic production cycle" - says Samuele Bonacchi, the company's master roaster - "There are no semi-finished products, and everything is manufactured on request, thus demanding even greater attention to our work. This helped us to make our way of working even more efficient and further raise the quality bar of the finished product".

"We have always supported quality roasting and technology as a means not only for processing, but also for enhancing coffee", said Nicola Panzani, CEO of IMA Coffee Petroncini. "For us ,it is a source of pride to have been a partner of to obtain this important certification - which confirms the quality of the manufacturing and process of our smallest roasters - as well as technically supporting and b. farm from now on in the mission of proposing itself as a center, one of a kind, to promote culture and specific skills on quality coffee".

In addition to production and consumption, is also home to in-depth and advanced courses on the entire coffee supply chain, available to operators and companies, because continuous training and the sharing of knowledge are fundamental elements of the “coffee idea” that moves and which is also embraced and supported by IMA, with the effect of having led to the creation of this place where you can go to know, roast, extract and taste coffee.

the companies is an innovative coffee company, where the product is followed, checked and certified along the entire supply chain, from cultivation to the cup. Part of the coffee is produced directly in Honduras, where is member of the Finca Rio Colorado plantation. Starting from an increasingly in-depth knowledge of green coffee and a constant increase in final quality, implements a new business model in the coffee sector, also offering consultancy, training and product culture to anyone who has an idea to develop or consolidate in this sector. All this, also with an eye to social and environmental responsibility.

With more than 100 years in the industry, IMA Coffee Petroncini supplies complete coffee roasting plants for any capacity needs, starting from the green coffee handling and processing, up to roasters for all capacity requirements and next-generation degassing systems. The range of roasters includes traditional roasters, handling batches from 5 to 400 kg, as well as modular solutions with external heat generation unit and roasting air recovery, for production up to 720 kg per cycle. From small to large, standard to custom, throughout coffee handling and processing, IMA Coffee Petroncini ensures expert consultancy, all-round plant engineering services and targeted solutions in line with Industry 4.0 to increase production efficiency and improve sustainability.

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Support the South African Latte Art Champ in getting the World Championship in Milan, Italy

Friday, 13 May, 2022

Jeff Stopforth is our National SCASA Latte Art Championship and due to COVID, since he won in 2020 he hasn't been able to go to represent us on the World Stage. Also, because there have been no income generating events (ah COVID) for SCASA, they are unable to meet the requirements of sending the Champions to the World Coffee Events Championships.

This means the community needs to band together to help get our current Champions to this event. You can read all about Jeff and his journey in coffee here.

He has set up a Back a Buddy page to easily collect donations.

"Dear coffee lovers of South Africa. My name is Jeff and I am a barista from Beaver Creek Coffee Farm in Port Edward. In 2020 I competed in the SCASA National Latte art championship and won the title of South African Latte art champion and have been chosen to represent South Africa at the World Latte art championship. Since I had started learning how to pour latte art I became obsessed with this form of art and coffee itself. It was always one of my dreams to experience the World Latte art champs and now I’ve got the chance to go and compete at a different level."

The Championships are at the end of June at World of Coffee in Milan!

If you would like to support future generations of Coffee Champions, please consider checking out what SCASA does here.

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Tuesday, 26 April, 2022

IMA Coffee at Ipack-Ima 2022 with the SR2 SMART, the latest-generation machine for coffee and soluble products capsules packaging.

From May 3rd to 6th, the IMA Group will join Ipack-ima 2022, the exhibition specialized in food and non-food processing and packaging solutions.

On show, IMA Coffee, Active, BFB, Ilapak, Eurosicma, Ciemme, Corazza and Fillshape will be presenting their latest technologies and developments.

SR2 SMART capsule filling and sealing machine on show at Ipack-Ima

Do not miss the opportunity to stop by the Hall 5P stand B23 C24 and discover IMA Coffee latest technologies. On show the SR2 SMART, a versatile and flexible latest-generation capsule filling and sealing machines. The unique ergonomic cantilever design assures great accessibility for maintenance, service and easy cleaning; the pullout operating system and reels placed outside the machine significantly reduces line downtimes resulting in a great efficiency increase. 

Thanks to a very fast size changeover and to an integrated double feeding system, for bulk and stacked capsules, the SR2 SMART can handle any type of capsule in plastic, aluminum and compostable material. Capsules can be closed at the top with aluminum film, micro perforated, filter paper, triplex coupled, PP and compostable lid. Filters and diaphragms can be inserted into capsules and on their bottom. According to the machine configuration, speed can reach up to 120 capsules per minute.

IMA Coffee Hub is the broadest technical and commercial organisation serving the coffee processing and packaging industry today

Able to ensure market-leading competences, industry experience and application-specific know-how encompassing all stages of coffee handling, processing and packaging, through its brands IMA Coffee Petroncini, IMA Coffee Packaging and IMA BFB, IMA has created the hub in an aim to leverage expertise at every step of coffee processing or packaging and be the one-stop answer to large and small coffee producers worldwide.

IMA Coffee Hub reaches every corner of the coffee handling, processing and packaging universe and can now address any issue facing coffee producers, offering competence and expertise with regard to coffee production. 

The process you need.

With exactly 100 years in the industry, IMA Coffee Petroncini supplies complete coffee roasting plants for any capacity needs, starting from the green coffee handling and processing, up to roasters for all capacity requirements and next-generation degassing systems. When it comes to roasting, IMA Coffee Petroncini enables customers to envisage roasters featuring different systems to manage unlimited roasting profiles. The range includes traditional roasters handling batches from 5 to 400 kg as well as modular solutions with external heat generation units roasting up to 720 kg per cycle. Next comes grinding and along with a host of flexible degassing systems for large or small production volumes, ensuring consistently reproducible quality of ground coffee. 

COTUBE Degassing system detail

The packaging you desired.

Once your coffee is ready for the next major step, there is no need to look further than IMA Coffee Packaging. Capsules, pods, cartons, vertical form-fill-seal, end-of-line packaging. Single serve capsule fillers are also at the core of IMA Coffee Packaging, with a full range of equipment, providing high, medium and low-speed solutions to answer 100% of market demands. Coffee capsules will benefit from cutting-edge secondary packaging solutions, for product integrity and top-rate protection right through to delivery. Machines for soft and hard pods are part of the line-up. IMA Coffee Packaging has a full array of machines handling dosed filling of flexible, sealed packages in all shapes and sizes. End-of-line packaging, to which IMA’s BFB Division has dedicated its efforts for many years is literally the end of the line-up. 

Capsules feeding detail of the C-900 Cartoner

The service you wish for.

The advantages of speaking to one single supplier are numerous. Synergies come into play, timing issues are easier to coordinate, everyone you speak to is focused on your key objectives, and consistent quality and shared knowledge are guaranteed. IMA Coffee Hub is the ideal starting point from where you will reach your destination. This is precisely the benefit the coffee industry obtains from IMA: just one supplier, already coordinated from within.

Visit their website

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Kick off your coffee offering with Blacksmith Coffee Movement!!

Friday, 22 April, 2022

For anyone looking to kick-off their coffee shop, bar service, mobile trailer, wedding solution, restaurant or even just a good old market stall - serving great coffee...look no further than Blacksmith Coffee Movement, from Ciro.

We recently received a really cool box of goodies which highlights some of the things that make it that much easier to get your coffee solution, your staff and your customers looking good and tasting great coffee!

Here's our 5 key take-aways: 

Bold, African-inspired designs across cups, packaging and customer messaging, make for a unified coffee experience.

1. A turn-key café solution

Ciro has long been known as one of the premium coffee solution companies, giving customers an easy entry into the market by offering great start-up coffee packages. This offering, a more artisanal approach using the same model, allows business owners the opportunity to not only just get cracking with their coffee, but to get cracking with an artisanal story, a unified look and feel and lots of info to help the baristas educate themselves and their customers about the coffee and the story behind the coffee.

2. Beautiful African theme design

There are 3 blends offered by Blacksmith - giving Cafe owners the chance to select both a narrative and a flavour profile to suit their tastes.

The Honesty Blend -  The Fairtrade blend.

The Unity Blend - An African relationship blend.

The Purity Blend - An Organic blend.

3. Lots of information collateral

As you can see from the images above, each blend has been well-thought-out and we were really impressed by how the Blacksmith team have made it easy for Cafe Owners and Baristas to understand both the coffee and the narrative behind each coffee to put forward a unified brand message  - from cups, to the beautifully designed bags, the info boards that can sit on bar, information tags for each cup and table talker cards that help customers with the beverage recipes and even to order in sign -language!

Very useful tools for baristas and customers to understand the coffee narrative behind their coffees!

(And you can learn to order in sign-language!)

4. Grow a coffee tree!

We love this little touch - it speaks not only to the origins of the coffee and the farmers that grow it (which should always be in the forefront of any cafe owner- barista and customers mind!) but also to the environmental neccessity and habit, that is planting trees.  Well done Blacksmith!

This is such a cool touch - grow your own coffee trees!

5. Baristas in mind - recipe book!

This is one of the best things to come out of the box! Every Cafe owner and barista will be inspired by the recipes inside - and they are not just your standard ones (We've re-created one of our favourites below) but also focus on iced coffee and coffee cocktails, should you have a liquor license. Very smart and beautifully produced!

Our favourite recipe:

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Nominations Open for new SCASA Board of Directors: Here's what you need to know

Friday, 22 April, 2022

The Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa has called for its members to nominate a new Board of Directors. It is understood that all current Board Members will be stepping down from their positions to allow for a new crop of coffee professionals to step in (but they can be nominated again and voted in) and have an opportunity to mould the Association. Chris Rootman and Alessandro Morrico have volunteered to help in an advisory capacity.

Now, you may be thinking, what does SCASA do? And what would a Board Member be expected to do?

Good questions. The idea moving forward is that SCASA can practically support the industry not only through running the World Coffee Events Competitions, but also through other programs and activations across other sectors of the industry.

We've always said that an Association is only as strong as its members, and we need to build up the membership again. So the task of a new board would primarily be to build trust with the industry, run grassroots events and grow membership so it can function successfully.

In our capacity as Media Partner and experience of the Board, (our publisher was on it for several years), one of the most important roles is to have a Chairperson who is detail-orientated and enforces protocol of having regular meetings with a clear agenda that can be shared with all members. As in other sectors of our industry, transparency is key and encourages collaboration.

On the note of Competitions, there will be a competition of some kind at HOSTEX in Johannesburg 26-28 June 2022. More information on this will be available soon. So if you were on the fence about joining again, you will need to be a member to compete at all, so now is the time so you can also have a say in the nomination process.

To be able to nominate and vote and build the Association to the best it can be, please sign up to be a member here. A normal membership costs R680, a sponsor membership is R2900.

We have also requested that the nomination process be extended past 29 April as stated on form. We will keep you updated on this as well.

Link to nominate people is located here (only paid up members nominations will be considered):

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World of Coffee 2022 moves from Warsaw to Milan

Friday, 25 March, 2022

World of Coffee Moves to Milan, 100% of Attendee Revenue to Benefit Ukrainian Coffee Community Displaced by War

The Specialty Coffee Association has announced that the 2022 World of Coffee trade show, originally scheduled to take place in Warsaw, will be moving to Milan, Italy. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced thousands of Ukrainians to seek refuge in Poland, including at the PTAK convention center where World of Coffee was scheduled to take place. With the event moving to a new location in Milan, we remain committed to donating 100% of the revenue from World of Coffee ticket sales to Ukrainian coffee businesses and professionals.

World of Coffee + World Coffee Championships: Milan, June 23-25, 2022

While the circumstances are regrettable, we look forward to bringing World of Coffee back to Italy, the birthplace of the espresso. This will be the first time World of Coffee travels to Milan, and we are excited to partner with the Milano Convention Center, a modern venue in the heart of the city. The five World Coffee Championships—Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, Cezve/Ibrik, and Roasting—will also be held in Milan, June 23-25. Coffee professionals from around the globe can look forward to everything Milan has to offer and the hospitality of the local coffee community represented by the SCA Italy Chapter.

The Polish community has welcomed refugees with open arms and the venue for World of Coffee, PTAK Warsaw Expo, also opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees. With the decision to move World of Coffee to Milan, we hope to avoid placing an additional burden on Warsaw’s community while supporting groups like the SCA Poland and Czech Republic chapters which have been providing aid to those fleeing the war. We look forward to returning to the city of Warsaw in the future and have pledged to donate 100% of the revenue from World of Coffee ticket sales to Ukrainian coffee businesses and professionals.

Information for World of Coffee Exhibitors and Attendees

If you are a registered WOC attendee or exhibitor, please check your inbox for important information about automatic credits toward the 2022 World of Coffee in Milan. If you have not received an email, please contact our events team.

Information on the World Coffee Championships

The five World Coffee Championships—Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, Cezve/Ibrik, and Roasting—will also be held in Milan, June 23-25. Competitors who have already registered for the Warsaw World Coffee Championships will be transferred to the Milan World Coffee Championships. Competitors, judges, WCE Representatives, and Competition Body coordinators will receive more information via email. If you have not received an email, please contact the WCC team.

Though these are unprecedented times, we forge ahead and look forward to gathering once again for World of Coffee and the World Coffee Championships in Milan. To learn more, please visit

Yannis Apostolopoulos
Chief Executive Officer
Specialty Coffee Association

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High Density: Conference Schedule Live now! Event on March 10th!

Monday, 31 January, 2022

High Density, Produced by The Barista League, Returns for Its Second Year Premiering on 10 March

High Density is a free conference for all coffee people, produced by The Barista League. Aimed at being accessible and practical to coffee professionals all over the world, the full-day digital program showcases the brightest leaders and game-changing ideas in specialty coffee right now.

The line-up, featuring over 50 global speakers, has been expertly curated by a group of internationally-based coffee professionals – Ana Luiza Pellicer (Brazil/UK), Marissa Childers (USA), Chris McAuley (USA), Kat Melheim (USA), and SungHee Tark (Costa Rica/South Korea).

Their five sections – On the Farm, Behind the Bar, In the Community, On the Page, and For the Future, respectively – are designed to reflect the range of diverse paths of the specialty coffee industry.

Speakers for this year’s conference will include Abhinav Khanal, Ben Morrow, Ben Put, Brad Morrison, Camilla Morgan, Casey Chartier-Vignapiano, Celeste Wong, Chelsea Thoumsin, Craig Batory, Diago Gonzales, Daewoong Song, Elinor Vestergaard, Elisa Criscione, Fabiana Carvalho, Francisco Gonzales, Geunha Park, Ivan Hartanto, Jenn Chen, Jooyeon Jeon, Joshua Jagelman, Juliana Ganan, Kar-Yee Cheung, Karla M. Boza Carbonell, Kellem Emanuele, Klaus Thomsen, Komal Sable, Laura Meunier, Line Cosmidis, Lucas Louzada Pereira, María Paz Lobo Zeledón, Matt Foster, Nick Mabey, Nora Burkey, Piyapat (Flook) Lapteerawut, Rodolfo Ruffatti, Sahra Nguyen, Sarah Huggins, Sebastian Villamizar, Selina Viguera, Simon Söder, Sonam Parikh, Stacey Lynden, Todd Purse, Tonny Gitonga, Valentina Palange... and more to come!

In addition to a live-chat element designed for attendees to connect with Speakers throughout the day, Interactive Elements are available as upgrades to certain sessions including coffee from some of the best roasters in the world, exclusive samples from green coffee companies, and a ton of digital resources.

The Barista League have also put together a Watch Party package - designed to provide viewers will everything they need to turn the digital conference into an exciting and totally free in-person event for their local communities.

The full program will be subtitled in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese & French.

For the second year, proceeds from High Density – collected through an optional donation – will benefit Grounds for Health, a nonprofit organization focused on providing cervical cancer prevention in coffee growing countries.

High Density is supported by Pacific Foods Barista Series, Chobani, Baratza, Poursteady, Acaia and Subminimal.

Register for Free & Tickets are here.

Follow Barista League on Instagram to meet the people who curated the line-up and the speakers that will be featured.

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The Future of Coffee Quality: Profile Print

Wednesday, 16 February, 2022

We are truly living in a fascinating period in history. Technology is progressing faster than we can imagine new ways to use it. Case in point is a food ingredient search engine platform that can assess the 'fingerprint' of a product and its quality in seconds. Especially relevant for the trading of coffee with consumers who are demanding transparency more and more.

Profile Print’s A.I. technology can rapidly and accurately predict the quality and profile of a selected coffee sample within seconds, allowing actors in the supply chain to objectively ascertain the agreed quality of a selected lot through an online transaction. The technology can save time and money by transforming the onerous process of sending samples for physical checks.

Sucafina, in partnership with Leman Ventures, has invested in Profile Print and has already completed a pilot using their technology with positive results in Rwanda and Hong Kong. Sucafina are very excited about the potential of this new product to make supply chains more efficient and transparent. Sucafina is a leading sustainable “farm to roaster” coffee company, with a family tradition in commodities that stretches back to 1905. Today, with more than 1000 employees in 32 countries, the Group is a leading player in the world of green, roasted, instant coffee merchanting. With its main trading arm based in Geneva, Sucafina sources coffee from most producing countries, often directly from farmers, to provide its partners with sustainable value across the global supply chain.

ProfilePrint, a patented food ingredient A.I. fingerprint platform, announced today the closing of its Series A funding round at a valuation over three times its pre-series A round last year. ProfilePrint is seeing accelerated growth with four times more clients compared to a year ago for its food ingredient A.I. fingerprint solution driven by strong demand for specialty and traceable ingredients globally. Backing this funding round are some of the world’s largest food ingredient conglomerates, namely Louis Dreyfus Company (Netherlands), Olam Food Ingredients (ofi – an operating group of Olam International Limited, Singapore), Sucafina (Switzerland), a Southeast Asian agrifood conglomerate (Indonesia), as well as international venture capital funds Greenwillow Capital Management (Singapore) and Real Tech Global Fund (Japan).

ProfilePrint is a food ingredient search engine platform powered by a patented A.I. fingerprint technology, rapidly predicting the quality and profile of a food sample within seconds. ProfilePrint’s solution allows sellers and buyers to objectively ascertain the agreed quality of a food ingredient in an online transaction, saving time and money by transforming the onerous process of sending samples for physical checks.

ProfilePrint first unveiled its A.I. fingerprint prediction technology in June 2021 at the Singapore Coffee Association auction, traditionally held in person but brought online due to the pandemic. As brewing and sending samples to the few thousand buyers participating from all around the world was practically impossible, ProfilePrint was commissioned as the neutral technology partner to predict the Q-grading score, taste parameters as well as key attributes such as moisture and density for all the auctioned coffee beans. This allowed buyers to be more assured of a coffee lot’s quality and profile beyond the scores provided by sellers.

Mr. Vivek Verma, CEO of the coffee business at Olam Food Ingredients (ofi) shared: “We are encouraged by the results from trials we’ve carried out in both green and soluble coffee using ProfilePrint. The technology could significantly expedite the quality assessment process to benefit the entire value chain – from farmers to roasters. We also see the potential of deploying this solution beyond coffee and into other differentiated food ingredients of cocoa, nuts, spices and dairy.”

Max Clegg, Head of Louis Dreyfus Company’s corporate venture capital program added: “ProfilePrint’s innovative approach to grading commodities has the potential to enhance operational efficiency, while removing an element of subjectivity in the supply chain. LDC Innovations is excited to partner with ProfilePrint as they commercialize this technology.”

Despite pandemic-related travel restrictions, ProfilePrint managed to deploy its solution globally to Europe, Africa, Latin America, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Mr. Nicolas A. Tamari, CEO of Sucafina commented: “Sucafina has completed a pilot with ProfilePrint with positive results in Rwanda and Hong Kong, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to play a part in ProfilePrint’s mission to redefine the coffee industry, which benefits both producers and end consumers. We are excited about investing in ProfilePrint in partnership with Leman Ventures as it is a major step toward achieving our vision of having a fully traceable coffee supply chain and of being the leading sustainable farm to roaster coffee company in the world.”

With this funding round completed, the company plans to use the proceeds to expand the team, invest in R&D to meet the growing demand for its services, and ramp up its international expansion. “With some of the world’s largest food ingredient conglomerates as strategic investors holding equal shares, we are now able to leverage their extensive networks to widen and deepen our product offering, while ensuring that we maintain our neutrality with the common vision to establish ProfilePrint as the industry’s digital standard for food ingredients globally," said ProfilePrint Founder & CEO, Mr. Alan Lai.

Attesting to the company’s impressive market penetration in spite of the pandemic, Dr. Wong Mun Yew, Managing Partner of Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund commented: “It is our privilege to lead ProfilePrint’s Series A round, and to work alongside their leadership team comprising excited founders and leading scientists with proven track records. ProfilePrint’s ability to bring together the giants of the industry and work together to establish the global digital standard proves that they have achieved a significant milestone in their transformation journey.” Mr. Daiki Kumamoto, Venture Lead of Real Tech Global Fund, also commented on this milestone: “The rapid growth of ProfilePrint following the earlier investment in the pre-series A round has further validated the company’s value proposition, and we are grateful to be a part of its further expansion into one of their core markets, Japan.”

About ProfilePrint

ProfilePrint is a food ingredient search engine platform powered by a patented A.I. fingerprint technology, which synthesises complex interrelated parameters and sensory data into a single digital fingerprint, rapidly predicting quality and profile of a food sample within seconds. With 5g of the sample, the analyser acquires the unique fingerprint without destroying the samples and provide the results in real time. Instead of packaging labels, reports or QR code, ProfilePrint analyses the samples directly at molecular level and can be used seamlessly by stakeholders in the supply chain, retrieving real-time results from anywhere. For more information, please visit us at:

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