Welcome to our newest ASITD partner - Fastway Couriers!

Friday, 13 May, 2022

Coffee Magazine is thrilled to announce a new partnership between Fastway Couriers and Coffee Magazine's "A Shot in the Dark", presented by Genio Roasters. 

If you ask Iain and Mel from Coffee Magazine, this partnership could not be a better fit. "As South Africa's premier coffee roasting competition, A Shot in the Dark is a logistical beast to pull together" says Mel. "We have used Fastway Couriers in our businesses for the last 9 years, and have had excellent service and reliability, even through all of the disasters that we've faced over the past 2 years."   says Mel, rolling her eyes as she thinks about magazine subscriptions, coffee boxes and competition packs - getting to where they need to be during a time of COVID, Floods and Riots in KZN". 

Iain adds "We approached our local KZN Fastway branch and chatted to them about the opportunity that existed in getting the "A Shot in the Dark" competition packs to the competitors, and what that would entail, and also how reliant coffee businesses are in this day and age on a reliable courier partner. They immediately jumped on board and we couldn't be happier with the synergy that exists between our Industry's needs and the services offered by Fastway"

Kenneth Vincent, General Manager of Fastway Couriers Durban says "Our mission has always been to "Delight the customer at the door". When it comes to the coffee industry, we see a need on the input side and the outgoing product side of these businesses, so to be able to do that when we are delivering stock to a store and when we are collecting orders to take to an end customer of that store fulfils our core function. Being part of "A Shot in the Dark" in 2022 is incredibly exciting for us because it is a chance for us to meet new coffee roasters and learn about their needs in this challenging logistical landscape that we run businesses in."

Fastway Couriers is a franchise based company, so for 2022, Kenneth and the Fastwy Couriers Durban Team are leading the project, along with support from the other Regional Franchises. Look out for their promotional material in upcoming Coffee Magazine editions, on our website and during the "A Shot in the Dark" 2022 competition!   

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An interview with Frederik Dreyer of Gegrond, ASITD 2021 Champion!

Friday, 13 May, 2022

 Meet A Shot in the Dark 2021 Champion Roaster, Frederik Dreyer (he's on the left in the pic below), of Gegrond. With a focus on flavour in all aspects of his life and a passion for the outdoors, it's no wonder that aiming for great heights is all part of the plan...

Firstly, when did you start roasting coffee and how did you get into it? 

My business partner, Pieter Conradie, had a passion for coffee long before I knew the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white. He was the one who introduced me to specialty coffee back in 2018. 

I can still remember the coffee he made me: it was one of Winston Thomas’s SA Barista Championships coffees. It exploded with flavour, specifically strawberry yoghurt, and that started this exciting journey of ours.

We decided to go into business together, starting Gegrond in 2019. We initially contract roasted our coffee with Francois Dreyer of Heavenly Coffees (no, we are not related, haha) and by September 2019 we had saved up enough to purchase our own small roaster, an "Asuka" 2kg drum roaster. 

What was your background before coffee roasting? 

I studied Supply Chain Management at University of Pretoria, graduated in 2012 and went straight into corporate, doing stock controlling and a bit of marketing management at Safilo, an Italian eyewear company. I enjoyed the work, but constantly found myself looking for ways to make it on my own and took a leap of faith in 2017. I quit my corporate job, travelled New Zealand for 3 months and then came back to South Africa with no idea what to do next. A friend introduced me to my current full-time employer, Marius, at Hazeldean Brewing Company, and I started working for him, initially as a barman, and soon after as operations manager. 

Tell us about the Brewery and your connection with it? 

Hazeldean Brewing Company (HBC) is a craft beer brewery, based on an old dairy farm in Pretoria East. 

I work there full time, doing anything and everything: from filling barrels to aftersales client care, deliveries to designing art work for labels, events planning, planting trees, meetings with prospective clients, servicing draught machines, training barmen. 

Marius, the owner of HBC and a good friend of mine, is blessed with a very refined palate. HBC has won many golds and silvers at the South African National Beer Trophy and Africa Beer Cup competitions with our Barrel Aged Beers. Throughout the years he has taught me how to accurately describe flavours in beverages and detect off flavours or defects. His lessons and his help have been so valuable throughout my journey in the coffee industry. HBC taught me that everything in life, as simple as it sometimes might seem, has an element of complexity that needs to be appreciated. 

What inspires you? 

People who challenge and push the boundaries, rather than accept a fixed way of doing something, inspire me. I call them the ones who live unrestricted. 

Marius Botha (HBC), pushing the boundaries of barrel aged beer in South Africa, experimenting with interesting bacterial fermentations and ending up with award winning beers, is one of those people.

Sebastian Ramirez, a coffee farmer from Columbia, who experiments with weird and wonderful fermentation methods, who produces incredible coffees like the Gesha Natural CM LM, is another one of them. 

Where does the name Gegrond come from? 

We knew we wanted an Afrikaans name, but we wanted our name to represent our language, values, and way of living life. Also, we felt that if people could pronounce “La Marzocco”, then why not Gegrond?

Gegrond directly translates to ‘grounded’. We believe that, when you are grounded in your beliefs and/or faith, you can live unrestricted and genuinely free. This also ties in with our slogan: “coffee for the unrestricted”, which has a second meaning to us. We stand for living unrestricted in our natural surroundings. We live for everything outdoors: trail running, mountain biking, hiking, scuba diving; time spent outdoors is time well spent.

What did you want to be growing up? What was your school life like and after school what did you do? 

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to do. It was intimidating to imagine that you need to choose a career you want to do for the rest of your life. I attended Dirk Postma, a small private school in Waverley, Pretoria. School was mundane to me, but being the youngest of three brothers and one of very many cousins, I lived for the holiday adventures with them, which included trips to the Drakensberg and around Southern Africa under the wings of my grandfather.

Coming from a household of entrepreneurs, I decided to also become an entrepreneur. I chose to study Supply Chain Management, as previously mentioned. It was only later in life, in my first few years of being employed, that I realised how exciting I can make my own life, if I choose to. I started exploring new places by myself. I found myself spending more and more time outdoors and fell in love with nature and adventure.  

Who do you look up to in the industry? 

Matt Carter: his humble way of living coffee and sharing knowledge is inspirational. 

Nicodemus Nambakwe: the man is a legend. He has played a bigger part in shaping what Gegrond is today, than he can imagine. 

Winston Thomas: we first met him at a Johannesburg Coffee & Chocolate Expo in 2018 and immediately looked up to him. He inspires us to pursue greatness, always pushing for quality. 

Why did you enter ASITD? 

Well, let's just say that we had pretty good negotiation skills when we bought our Genio 6kg coffee roaster last year! Also, I knew we would learn a lot and I wanted to prove to myself and the coffee industry that Gegrond can punch with the heavyweights. 

We were extremely humbled by this experience and are better coffee roasters because of it. The challenges were greater and learning curve steeper than expected and the competition was top class. I have met some pretty awesome people along the way and it is a privilege to be part of a community with so much passion for the purpose. 

What was your process in terms of approaching your first round coffee? 

I started by reading up… a lot. I learned how to calculate the density of the different coffees by calculating the displacement of water when adding a measured weight of coffee. I did this and then compared the competition coffee beans with our own beans and used our roasting profile of similarly dense coffees, because I thought that it would theoretically react the same way when roasted. This was a good starting point, but we needed to polish the results, and that took a lot of cupping sessions, debate and time. 

I tried something new with the very first roast: a concept known as soaking. Soaking improved the flavour of the cup, but decreased the body, so I decided to shorten the soaking time. 

The one we submitted had a short soak in the beginning, with a gradually tapered down gas. We kept an eye on the environmental Rate of Rise (ROR) to ensure that we drop the gas ahead of first crack (FC), and shortly into FC we increased the fan speed to get rid of the moisture and extra smoke.

Ed’s Note: Scott Rao, author of The Coffee Roaster’s Companion has this to say on what ‘Soaking’ is, though, if you’re not a coffee roaster, it will likely remain mysterious even after this description:

“The soak is a roasting method in which one charges a batch with low-to-no gas and increases the gas to a high setting sometime in the first two minutes after charging.  Just to avoid the inevitable question, no, the soak does not involve adding water to coffee beans :).The soak is not necessary to produce stellar coffee.  But I have found the soak makes good development and clean flavors easier to produce in most situations, with most machines.”

What did you do differently in the Finals regarding your cupping roast? 

Since the coffee was a natural coffee, we decided to roast a bit less aggressive and thus a bit longer. The main thing I did differently, was to use the fan speed to control more of the heat transfer closer to FC. 

I started with a slower fan speed and also started dropping the gas earlier than in the first round. With some of the gas drops, I increased the fan speed to ensure that the heat transfer (ROR) would not drop out. Closer to the first crack, I increased the fan to ensure that the smoke and burning silver skin gets sucked away quicker, as to limit the influence on the flavour profile. 

How did you decide on your blend ratios and your blend development of each bean? 

I decided to roast all of the coffees in a manner that would represent themselves best when on their own. In round two, I could get quite a bit of body from the Burundi without roasting it too dark. I took the stance that, roasting darker to add body to the coffee, is not the only way. I played around with other variables but kept the development time pretty much the same. 

Towards the end of August, I was able to convince my travelling cousin to replace some of her biltong with bags of sample coffee on her trip back to Ireland, where Pieter now lives. He was able to give his opinion on the blending ratios.

Before this competition, we had never done a blend before and we also do not own an espresso machine, so we went to Marius Botha with his Lelit home espresso machine. 

On Monday, the day before submitting the coffee, we were making espressos non-stop. Marius and I were on a proper caffeine high, trying different blending ratios with different recipes. 

At the end, when we were properly buzzing and unable to taste the difference between A and B anymore, we decided to go with the one that stood out the most. 

What was your experience at CCW? 

Creative Coffee Week was an incredible event. I especially loved the fact that it is entirely focused on pushing the boundaries of the coffee industry in South Africa and making it sustainable. 

The amount of knowledge shared is just out of this world. Thanks to CCW, I am now even more motivated and ready to change the way we influence the world around us. Meeting so many people in the industry, getting to know them and becoming part of the community, is priceless. 

Where do you want to go with Gegrond? Is there a Big Plan? 

We have many plans, but I think one of the most noteworthy is that we want to change the coffee culture in Pretoria.  Pretoria, we want to show you what real good coffee tastes like and get the passion for coffee fired up in all of you! We want to teach you that great coffee can be made anywhere.

Also, we work with so many start-up companies who - just like us - want to make a living by working less restricted but who ultimately want to make a difference in people’s lives: getting them outdoors, healthy, motivated, and fit. Working with these companies and individuals is one of our biggest success stories, and we want to continue to build these relationships and form new ones.

As a company we want to grow, so that we can offer sustainable job opportunities to people with our shared passion for good coffee, adventure and life in general. We want Gegrond to be a company that people want to work for and where people, coffee and nature are at the centre of what we do. 

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Extension for Entries: Why should you enter ASITD 2022?

Thursday, 7 April, 2022

The delicious coffee is a tad delayed and the specially made coffee bags only arrive last week of April so we’re keeping the entries open while we wait for all the goodies for the roasters to arrive! Good news!


If you're wondering why you should enter, look no further:


The coffee industry is growing and the more events we have that bring the community together, the better we get, as we push each other to new heights!


You get to discover an exciting, new coffee sponsored by Sevenoaks Trading and using your own roaster in the comfort of your own roastery, honing your skills and developing a new profile on your own beautiful piece of equipment.


Our panel of expert judges take the utmost care to consider each roast and send you their feedback. Everyone gets the same water to work with sponsored by BWT Water + More


The blind tasting element of the competition means that everyone is on a level playing field and the key word is ‘play’! Get out of your daily routine and challenge yourself!


Join us at Creative Coffee Week to discuss, roast and find out the winner of the 2022 season! 27-30 July 2022

Make your entry fee back

We have designed the competition so that you can sell the coffee you don’t send to the judges and this year we have beautiful bespoke ASITD bags (instead of stickers!) sponsored by The Coffee Bag Company

An origin trip

The winner of ASITD 2022 will be going the winners from COVID years on an origin adventure to Tanzania!!!

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A Shot in the Dark 2022: The Preliminary Round Coffee and Origin Trip revealed

Thursday, 31 March, 2022

It's always an exciting time in the build up to the competition beginning to see which coffee the roasters get to play with in the Preliminary Round. Sevenoaks Trading has selected a pearler, plus the winner will be able to visit the estate during harvest in August!


Kongoni Estate, Tanzania

Estate: Kongoni Estate

Region: Oldeani, Karatu District, Manyara Region

Country: Tanzania

Altitude: 1650 masl

Varieties: Kent

Process: Washed, fermented for 24-36 hours and sun-dried on African beds for 14-21 days

German settlers initially started growing coffee in the area during 1920’s. After the Second World War the British Administration consolidated the smaller German owned farms into larger units. Colonel Terence Connor, formerly oftheIndianArmynamedthefarmKongoniandsuccessfullygrewcoffeeandothercrops. Thefarmchangedhands late 1960’s and today it is owned and managed by Aggarwal family.

Kongoni Estate; which incorporates Kiran Coffee Estate and Kilimani Coffee Estate; is an old coffee estate located on the outer slopes of Ngorongoro Crater. The area is dramatic and wild; Elephants, Buffalo and Lion regularly visit the plantation. The region benefits from a cool climate and the farm is heavily shaded, which allows the coffee to develop slowly.

Coffee cherries are harvested once a year during the months of July to November. The ripe cherries are hand-picked and collected at a central point. Great care is taken to ensure only the ripe cherries are picked. Harvest is always a very busy time and it is when the neighbouring villagers all come together to help.

The cherries are transported to the factory in the centre of the estate for pulping. After pulping the beans go through the washing channels and are collected in fermentation tanks according to initial cherry quality. The wet parchment is kept there for up to 36 hours. After fermentation the beans are again washed and then taken out on to the drying tables. The coffee is sun dried; this may take two to three weeks depending on the weather. Care is taken to ensure even drying by regularly turning the coffee. After drying the coffee is stored in conditioning bins before being transported to the mills in Moshi.

Over the last decade hard work and investment have lifted both the quantity and the quality of the coffee being produced at Kongoni. With processing and drying being managed within the farm the quality of Kongoni’s coffee is consistently excellent. The climate, farm biosphere and Kent varietal results in a dense, hard, bourbon arabica whose acidity, body and delicate citrus/fruity flavours are the signature of a classic fully washed East African coffee.

We chatted to Andrew Boltman of Sevenoaks Trading about how this coffee came to be selected.

"In 2019 we (CTCS, Sevenoaks’ UK head office) set up a trading business in Tanzania called Kijani Hai. Since then we have added a sorting facility in Dar Es Salaam, and all sorts of tools (toys ðŸ˜Š) to help us prepare the coffees we buy for export. We have sourcing teams both in the North (Kilimanjaro / Moshi and Tarime) and in the South (Mbinga and Mbeya). Alex Wield, one of our traders, has been sourcing and selling coffee from Tanzania for many years, and knows the landscape well. When discussing the Shot in the dark competition with Alex, and explaining the scope of the first round, he suggested Kongoni Estate AA as a solid option. He knows the farm well and has worked with them multiple times. The Northern part of Tanzania has its main harvest at a similar time to its neighbour Kenya, so we are super amped to get this fresh crop coffee into multiple roasters around South Africa, and see what folks can do with it!"


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A Shot in the Dark 2022: Enter Now for our biggest and best competition yet

Thursday, 24 February, 2022

The Coffee Magazine is proud to announce the A Shot in the Dark presented by Genio Roasters kicks off its fifth year in 2022 and also launches in the Middle East for its inaugural year.

Also thanks to The Virus that Shall Not be Named, we are finally planning to take the last three winning Roasters on their origin trip this year! Andre Vermeulen of Bottomless Blessings, Chad Goddard from Father Coffee and last year's winner, Frederik Dreyer of Gegrond are waiting in the wings to jet off on an origin trip to remember!

The competition has over the last five years turned home roasters to start up coffee roasteries, pitted some of the biggest names in the biggest cities against those doing great work in small towns and the winner is ALWAYS a wonderful surprise as the blind judging format means the playing field is as level as it can be! 


We have a brand-new website for competitors to sign up on, and we are aiming for our biggest field ever. You can see all the details of how the competition here.

Thank you to our Partners who continue to help evolve this platform and grow the roasting community in Southern Africa and beyond.

Genio Roasters

A local company with global reach, the Genio team are committed to excellence and service. Embracing the core values of Technology, Value, Development and Passion in everything that they do. We are suoper proud to have Genio as the Global ASITD presenting partner for the fifth consecutive year!

Sevenoaks Trading

With 20 years in the coffee trading business, Carol and her Team bring experience and expertise to the table. Sponsoring the green coffee for the competition, providing the facilities for judging and cupping in their SCA-approved state-of-the-art cupping laboratory and with a team of coffee professionals heading up the Judging Panel   - the Sevenoaks crew are a massive part of making this competition a success. Thank you Sevenoaks!

BWT water+more Africa

BWT water+more ensure the best possible water for coffee and this year's competition water will be created for each of the competitors using reverse osmosis on the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee . The BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) is an exceptionally compact reverse osmosis system with integrated BWT magnesium technology for mineralisation, making it ideal for producing coffee and all hot drinks.

La Marzocco

One of the critical components of the competition is the Blending Challenge for espresso  - and these espressos will be made on none other than the La Marzocco Linea PB - a truly elegant machine of the highest standards.

The Coffee Bag Company

A new addition to the competition that we are very excited about is a packaging partner! This year's competitors will receive A Shot in the Dark branded bags to retail the competition coffee that they don't submit to the judges! We introduced this section to help the competitors recoup the costs of entering the competition to make it worthwhile for everyone involved! The bags are going to be epic!

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A Shot in the Dark 2021: A Champion emerges!

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

The floating trophies for "A Shot in the Dark" presented by Genio Roasters.

There was a palpable tension in the air after lunch. Of the TOP 10 Finalists in A Shot in the Dark 2021, 8 were present at Creative Coffee Week held in Durban, South Africa. Most were nervously chatting, some were pacing in the parking lot, one or two sought relief in the comfy armchairs in the lounge, waiting for the announcement. Down to the final three roasters. 

Rory Lambson of The Blacksheep Coffee Co, steps up to receive 3rd place.

"Stop drawing it out!" someone yelled as I paused my finger over the button that would bring up the names on screen, and the room laughed. Anyone who's seen a finals announcement knows there's a deathly pause before the announcement... 

"In second place is.... Trevor Fitz, .....which means your winner is Frederik Dreyer from.... Gegrond!  

The room erupted, and it took a good while for Frederik to get from his seat in the middle of the hall through the throng and to the stage. Trevor was waiting patiently on Zoom, and was very gracious in accepting the runner up position, but it was a beaming Frederik who took the top honours.

ASITD Winner 2021: Frederik Dreyer, Gegrond, accepts the winners trophy from Neil Maree, Genio Roasters.  

"It was a world class competition" said Trevor, once the pandemonium had subsided. "I'm really happy to be in the Top 3. The green bean quality was phenomenal, to have consisten water across the country and to have such great judges made it so worthwhile"

"It's such an honour to have this"  said the champ, Frederik, when he eventually found his voice and joined us on stage, clutching the trophy.  "I can't believe we made this  spot. I have to thank my team for everything that they have done." 

Top 10 Results

1. Gegrond - Frederik Dreyer

2. Beethoven Coffee Company - Trevor Fitz

3. The Black Sheep Coffee Company - Rory Lambson

4. Toro - Ettienne Broodryk

5. Infood Coffee Roastery - Percy Chikwira

6. Cuppa Coffee - Marthinus Greyling

7. Scuro Coffee Crafts - Dwain Fiorita

8. Tribe Coffee Roasting - The whole Team

9. Favour&Grace - Werner Gous

10. Home Roaster (started Exhale Coffee Roasters during the competition) - Jacques Strydom 

Watch the Announcement here:

Thank you to all the incredible Sponsors of A Shot in the Dark 2021. You guys absolutely ROCK. That's a wrap for A Shot in the Dark 2021.

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A Shot in the Dark 2021 - Finals coffee judging completed!

Friday, 10 September, 2021

The Finals judging of A Shot in the Dark, presented by Genio Roasters, took place yesterday at the Sevenoaks Trading Premier Training Campus in Johannesburg, where the TOP 10 coffee roasters in this year's competition were subjected to two challenges: Cupping and Blending. 

The Sevenoaks Trading Premier Trading Campus.

The Cupping portion of the competition is the same as the first round - bringing out the best potential of a delicious Nicaraguan coffee from La Cueva del Tigre.

The Blending Challenge is unique to the Finals round, where each competitor has to roast and blend three specified coffees - Rwanda, Nicaragua and Burundi, to come up with the best blend for espresso. 

Nico and Cuth getting ready to taste the cupping round.

The Top 10 Finalists had to submit their coffees along with Roasters notes describing to the judges their aims and their techniques in order to achieve the best possible flavour potential using the provided competition coffees. 

The Judging panel, now in their fourth year of judging this competition, were Nicodemus Nabakwe, Cuth Bland, Mike McDonald and Matt Carter.

We spoke to Head Judge, Nicodemus Nabakwe about this year's competition: 

"This year’s ASITD 2021 competition has highlighted how thriving our coffee industry is. It has been incredible to see newcomers hone their skills and challenge the old guard in battling it out to become SA’s Best Roaster with success in the first round." says Nico.

"This week, we had the opportunity to judge the finals blind where top 10 roasters battled it out. We had amazing roasts and the bar was set high from the first competitor to the last."

"My highlight of the finals took me back to my golden years as a barista", says Nico.  "I was the distinguished barista where I had to pull espresso shots and judge at the same time. Pressure was on me to deliver, and I must say that it was such an amazing experience.

"The coffees tasted amazing and at some point, we had to deliberate for long during our calibration moments to give fair scores. Every coffee brought to us was a mastermind of great individuals who worked tirelessly in their efforts to earn bragging rights in SA’s coffee industry. We are proud of them all"

"It was also a great opportunity once again to work with an experienced team of professionals. Cuth Bland, Matt Carter and Michael MacDonald are awesome people we have in this industry. Their relentless attitude when called upon once again has showed us that we can achieve more when we work together."

Conferring over the scoresheets. Nico, Matt, Mike and Cuth.

"The team behind ASITD competition planning has achieved what we thought was difficult. In their respective capacities, they have created an atmosphere where everybody in the industry is valued regardless of their status.  A big thank you to Mel and Iain, Carol Corlette, Paulien Swanepoel, Thoriso Mafisa, Shawn Cloete and all sponsors who played their part in making this a great achievement."

Nico, Mike and Thoriso.

"To all competitors, you have delivered and once again I can say thank you for giving me this opportunity to be your judge. You are special and play a big part in your roasteries. You are the reason why we wake up every morning and look forward to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee."

Cuth scoring the cupping round.

Matt cracks a smile and the coffee crust!

"There were quite a few standouts for me, " said Matt.  "The quality of the coffee was exceptional, and the way these Finalists interpreted the best flavour potential of the coffee was very interesting, you could see the individuality coming through with each submission".

"The blending was also super interesting - how the competitors interpreted the rules around the challenge and the way they then combined the three different coffees to get a unique set of the flavours combining".

Head Judge, Nico.

Mike, in the zone!

The Flavour wheel.

The announcement of the winners will take place next Friday, 17th September at Creative Coffee Week from 14h30 - 15h30 and it will be LIVESTREAMED on Youtube. Subscribe to Coffee Magazine's youtube channel for notifications. 

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A Shot in the Dark 2021 - TOP 10 Announced via live video, watch it here!

Thursday, 29 July, 2021

What a day! The TOP 10 announcement of A Shot in the Dark presented by Genio Roasters was exhilarating and full of surprises. You can watch the entire announcement on the Instagram link below. 

A huge "Thank You!"  to all of the 50 Roasters that entered, to the Judges and the Sponsors and everyone involved in this incredible community coffee roasting event!  We are so excited to see what this TOP 10 can do in the FINALS ROUND, with a new specialty coffee for cupping and the blending challenge for best espresso roast. The Finals judging and the A Shot in the Dark panel discussions will all happen at CREATIVE COFFEE WEEK, in Durban 15- 17th September. 

Your Top 10 Finalists for A Shot in the Dark 2021:

1. The Black Sheep Coffee Co - Rory Lambson - 77.916

2. Beethoven Coffee Co - Trevor Fitz - 77,25

3. Tribe Coffee Roasting - Jake Easton & Team - 77,166

4. Toro - Ettienne Broodryk - 77,083

5. Scuro Coffee Crafts - Dwain Riccardo - 77,00

6. Gegrond - Frederik Dreyer - 76,75

7. Infood Coffee Roastery -- Percy Chikwira - 76,666

8. Cuppa Coffee - Marthinus Greyling - 76,083

9. Home Roaster - Jacques Strydom -  76,083 

10. Favour & Grace Coffee Co - Werner Gous - 75,75

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