This listings page is the page where we publish all the amazing coffee shops that stock and distribute The Coffee Magazine.

The below list is the list of fantastic coffee establishments that we'd recommend you get a coffee from if you're in their neighbourhood, and if they appear on this list and DON'T stock The Coffee Magazine, please let us know by mailing subscriptions@coffeemagazine.co.za and also have a friendly chat with the manager or owners and ask them to please stock it, as they are very busy running their cafe's and sometimes don't have time to attend to admin (like most good artisans!)

If you own/run/manage/ an establishment/bookshop/business/guesthouse and would like to stock The Coffee Magazine, please feel free to mail us on cafe-orders@coffeemagazine.co.za and we will gladly send you magazines to retail and also add you to this prestigious list below.

Finally, if you’d like to buy a subscription to Coffee Magazine and have it delivered to your home or office, please visit the Magazine page and process the transaction online through our secure portal. Your support means the world to us.




Western Cape

Eastern Cape

Como Caffe
First Light Coffee Bar @ Office 4 You
Friendly Stranger

Outlying Areas

Baruch's Coffee Roastery
Beans About Coffee Dullstroom
Beans About Coffee George
Beans About Coffee Outshoorn
Bisibean Coffee Roasting Co.
Bru Coffee Co
Coffee Talks Café
Dom's With Love
Freshly Roasted
Hand Made Coffees
Highland Coffee Roasters
Homeground Coffee Roasters
Lavender Blue
Peppermill Cafe
Polvo Coffee
Royal Roastery
Thi Art Coffee
New Stores To Stock From Issue 16
Toro Coffee Shop
Magalies Coffee Co
Red Truck Coffee Roastery
Café Haarhoff