New Kid on the Block: Boston Brew Coffee

Thursday, 12 March, 2020

187 Montpelier Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001

Nestled on a leafy street in Morningside, Durban a new coffee spot has sprouted. Boston Brew is a lovely new cafe.

The coffee is roasted by Manna Coffee and extracted beautifully on a La Marzocco Linea. They paid great attention to detail and everything is very well thought out. The outdoor seating with a lovely cool breeze blowing through was a treat and we indulged in a classic smashed avo which was very tasty!

They also happen to be a Monster Spot, which is part of an awesome coffee ordering app, Coffee Monster, that can save you time and get you some great deals.

Good luck to this new addition to the Durban coffee scene!

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A Shot in the Dark 2020: The Contenders

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020

So you wanna be a contender? Well these roasters certainly do! It's going to be an exciting competition with 48 roasters throwing their name in to the ring for the 2020 Title!

In this year's A Shot in the Dark sponsored by Genio Roasters, we've got a lot of returning heavy hitters and some fresh new names. We have few internal competitions brewing too; Manna and Toro are pitting their roasters against each other to see who comes out tops! We love it! Using this competition as a training and growth experiment is exactly what we want to see. Our preliminary round coffee is a cracker from Sevenoaks Trading! We are almost finished packing this delicious coffee to send our to these roasters.

Ansophi v/d Merwe

Routed Roasters

Gerhardt Jansen van Rensburg

Trinity Premium Coffee Co

Gean Burrell

Flatmountain Coffee

Percy Chikwa

Infood Coffee Roastery

Alexx Godrich 

Hoedspruit Coffee Purveyors

Rory Lambson

The Black Sheep Coffee Company

Alyssa Blom

No Sugar Required

Noel Roy Marshall

The Flying Dragon

Gerard van Nikkelen Kuyper

Faba Roastery

Warren Dell

Roast Master Coffee Roastery

Gert Maritz

Coffee Bay Coffee

Henk van Zyl

Gansbaai Coffee Co

Riaan de Jager

Kaalvoet Koffie

Simone Roberts

Diggers Gold Coffee Roasters

Calvin Botes

Merkava Coffee Roastery

Brilliant Ndlovu

Bean There Coffee Company

Ben Ferreira

Brothers Coffee

Willem Coetzee & Kobus Erasmus

Thirdwave Coffee

Jaco Ferreira

Roasted Coffee Roastery

Andre Vermeulen

Bottomless Blessings Coffee Roastery

Shahen Naidoo

Coffee Notes

Pieter Schoonwinkel

Bruder Coffee Roastery

Sebastian Johannes Smith

Smith Coffee Company

Adriaan Botha

Bloemfontein Coffee Roasting Co

Dwain Riccardo

Scuro Coffee Crafts

Stephanie Brayshaw

AM Brew Coffee World cc

Riaan Venter

Juliebean Coffee 

Greg Bailey 

Manna Roastery

Craig Smith

Manna Roastery

Willie Fitzgerald

Cabin Coffee

Pieter le Roux

Bayhound Coffee Works


Ettienne Broodryk


Janus Bardenhorst

Amy Gardiner

Humble Coffee

Jonathan Sher 

The Roastery

Sinovuyo Solontsi


Shakil Mahomed

Primo Coffee Roasters

Werner Gous

Favour & Grace

Elsa Buys

Barrier of Spears

Sipho Luningo

Camissa Coffee Co

Albert Schroeder

Roast Wolff

Ivan Ruscic

Home Roaster

Chris Pefanis

Highland Coffee Roastery

Jono Le Feuvre

Rosetta Roastery

Leon Mathurine

Coastal Coffee

Chad Goddard

Father Coffee

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Gallery: Highlights from 2020 Coffee Champs!

Friday, 6 March, 2020

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Scotsman SA Roadshow featuring Michalis Dimitrikopolous

Friday, 6 March, 2020

It's been a heck of a week! 3 cities in 3 days starting with Hostex in Joburg , then Durban and finally Cape Town, but all who managed to catch the Scotsman SA Roadshow with Michalis will agree that there is much to be learned about ice, iced-coffee, coffee cocktails and all things cold-coffee.

Michalis is the 2016 Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion from 2016 and placed second at WBC last year. The man knows his way around a bar and can serve up a mean variety of good coffee cocktails! 

So what did we learn from the Champ? Well, firstly that in South Africa we clearly don't have the cold coffee culture that exists abroad and it was incredibly exciting to be shown the possibilities by someone like Michalis who demonstrated so many cold-coffee options in his Masterclass.

There was everything the cold drip extractions, to cold-brew bases for coffee cocktails. There were coffee infusion lessons and home-made syrup and vinegar formulas.

It is clear that the South African coffee scene does not yet really know what Afternoon and Evening Cafe looks like, which is ironic because of the hot climate we live in, and also our affinity to enjoy a drink in the evenings after a long day. Most significant though, this is a great business niche that is yet to be tapped!

Listening to Michalis throughout this trip, and in the discussions with the many folks who attended the Roadshow Masterclasses, there is a HUGE opportunity here. We will be posting some of the Champs recipes soon in an upcoming series, but for now - enjoy the images and a HUGE thanks to Scotsman for bringing Michalis out to SA for this incredible experience! 

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Meet the new 2020 SA Barista Champion, SA Latte Art Champion and SA Cup Tasters Champions - all the news and views from Hostex!

Tuesday, 3 March, 2020

It was high drama as always at the SCASA National Coffee Competitions held at Hostex this week, as 3 new SA Champions were crowned in the Barista, Latte Art and Cup Tasters categories.

Winston Thomas (Winston Douglas Coffee) returned to competition this year after taking a year break, and he came back into a very fierce fight for the title, which in the end he managed to clinch from Stevo Kuhn (Urban Brew) by the narrowest of margins. As the winner’s hand was lifted, relief flooded through the Champ and tears welled-up in the eyes – it’s an emotional time for the young man, after having gone Independent as well as with his wedding date being a little over two weeks away. John Evans (TriBeCa Coffee) came 3rd with a presentation that could easily have won him the title, as did Neil Gouws (Origin Coffee) who came 4th and continues to grow and mature into a formidable competitive barista. In 5th Place was Samantha Naidoo, the only female in the Top 6 who was outstanding all week and just looked like she was having such a blast on stage and finally, the veteran, Bruce Manning who has competed for 10 years in this format and been in the Nationals Top 6 multiple times. 

The Latte Art competition also had its share of drama when 3 baristas were named for the Finals round instead of two. It was Ndumiso Ncgobo (Fabrica Coffee) and Jeff Stopforth (Beaver Creek) who faced the two times SA Champ, Chris Abrahams (Ciro) in the finals. The 2019 Champ had a bit of an off day, which opened up the door for the South Coast youngster to power through and clinch the title in a very cool and composed manner. Well done Jeff Stopforth of Beaver Creek!

The Cup Tasters story though is perhaps the highlight of this year’s Nationals. Wency Masawi (Tanaka Coffee / African Roots Coffee) was up against very tough opponents in Q-grader Nicodemus Nabakwe (Sevenoaks Trading), reigning SA Champ Thabang Maluleka (Ciro) and Maryke Schoonwinkel (Brüder Coffee). Wency has competed at every competition for the last 8 years, making Nationals in all three disciplines and has been a Regional Champ twice…yet has never won a National Title in any discipline. This year however, his perseverance and dedication paid off as he edged out the competition to claim his win and a ticket to World Cup Tasters Championships in Warsaw, Poland in June later this year.

The volunteers and Sponsors who allow the competition to run are to be highly commended. A trio of worthy Champions will represent us on the World Stage. A huge thanks must go to Hostex, SCASA members, the Volunteers, Judges, Sponsors and competitors for such a great Nationals. Let’s get behind the Champions as they prepare for Worlds 2020!

Full Results from SCASA website:

Winston Thomas - Winston Douglas Coffee
Runner Up: Stevo Kühn - Urban Brew Coffee

Wency Masawi - African Roots Coffee / Tanaka Coffee
Runner Up: Nicodemus Nabakwe - Sevenoaks Trading

Jeff Stopforth - Beaver Creek Coffee
Runner Up: Christopher Abrahams - Ciro Full Service Beverage Co.

â­Âï¸Â Best Signature Drink & Milk Based Beverage: Winston Thomas - Winston Douglas Coffee
â­Âï¸Â Best Espresso and Technical: Stevo Kühn - Urban Brew Coffee
â­Âï¸Â Best Overall Impression: Fikile Khuzwayo - MRP Foundation

1. Winston Thomas - Winston Douglas Coffee
2. Stevo Kühn - Urban Brew Coffee
3. John Evans - TriBeCa Coffee
4. Neil Gouws - Origin Coffee Roasting
5. Samantha Naidoo - TriBeCa Coffee
6. Bruce Manning - Brustar Coffee

1. Jeff Stopforth - Beaver Creek Coffee
2. Christopher Abrahams - Ciro Full Service Beverage Co.
3. Ndumiso Ngcobo - Fabrica Coffee

1. Wency Masawi - Tanaka Coffee / African Roots Coffee
2. Thabang Maluleka - Ciro Full Service Beverage Co.
3. Nicodemus Nabakwe - Sevenoaks Trading
4. Maryke Schoonwinkel - Bruder Coffee Roastery

SCASA would like to thank all its sponsors, partners, members, the administrative staff, judges, baristas and volunteers who made this event such an unforgettable success. Thank you for investing into the future of our industry and for igniting a united passion for coffee.  

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Cafe Focus: Villamar, Wellington

Wednesday, 26 February, 2020

The joy of growing the Coffee Magazine network is that cafes and roasteries approach us almost weekly to become part of the team. And a while back, Villamar in Wellington, just outside of Cape Town was one such wonderful place. 

Surrounded by an olive farm the beautiful building houses an Italian style eatery, a coffee roastery and they also sell their olive oil! But the first thing you see as you walk through the door is the Roaster, sitting pride of place in the centre of everything.

What really struck me on entering Villamar though was the outstanding hospitality. Floyd took great care of me and the rest of the team were all very attentive throughout my stay. Floyd was also the maestro behind my sublime flat white. Now, I'm always a touch apprehensive when ordering a coffee anywhere new, but Floyd put it me at ease immediately. I even had a choice between two single origins or their blend of three South American beans. I opted for the blend in flat white as I was after something comforting and it did not disappoint! I was blown away; smooth, rich and chocolatey, exactly what I felt like.

What a gem! I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to visit!

"Villamar is where an Italian heritage and passion for food culminates in a vibrant culinary expression. Situated on Oudebrug Farm, nestled between our olive groves, is where the philosophy "farm to plate" is the main focus. Chef Lucar and his team makes use of a simple and elegant approach in designing dishes that evoke an experience where creation, innovation and imagination is the start of a journey; and your destination Villamar."

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World Barista Champs to proceed despite global Corona Virus fears

Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

Organizers of the World Barista Champs (WBC) which is scheduled to be held in Melbourne Australia at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in May this year, have confirmed that the competition will go ahead as planned.
Coffee Magazine, as an official media partner of MICE reached out to the organisers this week amid the growing global concerns of the virus to see if the outbreak would affect the Expo and the WBC.
Spokesperson for MICE Lauren Winterbottom confirmed: “With the continuing news coverage on COVID-19, we wanted to reconfirm for all exhibitors that MICE2020 will be proceeding as planned. We have also spoken with World Coffee Events, who are preparing for the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup as per normal. MICE2020 exhibition space is sold out and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the expo from 4-7 May 2020 ”
With SCASA Nationals taking place at Hostex this weekend, an SA Champion will be confirmed and will be due to compete at WBC in Melbourne.
Coffee Magazine will continue to monitor the situation and report on the latest news from the WCE and MICE in the coming weeks.

A little more on COVID-19: Obviously with panic rising through irresponsible media coverage, it's hard not to get concerned. But the good news is, that our body's immune systems do have what it takes to fight it, much like the flu (we just don't have any practice with this virus, which is what makes it tricky). I found this article helpful and clear. The big take-away though is that 12 000 people have already recovered from COVID-19 completely. So let's hope that while the spread seems a bit unstoppable at the moment, the recoveries follow thick and fast behind.

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The Pot of coffee at the end of the Desert: Two Beards Coffee Roasters

Monday, 24 February, 2020

Words and photos by JoNo and Silvana Nienaber

Our Christmas holiday road trip took us through Swakopmund – Namibia, where the cold Atlantic meets the hot desert sand, the last place we expected to find the best coffee in Africa.  The Two Beards Coffee Roasters, found on the outskirts of Swakopmund feels like it belongs on the streets of Brooklyn -from the design of the interiors to the incredible coffee menu.  

It started as a hobby for Roy with a lifelong passion for coffee which then became the family business when his son Mark decided to leave corporate life of chemical engineering and add science to his father’s passion.  These two bearded gents, combining the one’s passion and the other’s science are creating the most incredible coffee around….

We were very fortunate to have a private coffee tasting with Mark from which we walked away with a wealth of knowledge and experienced incredible single origin coffees.  Not only do they serve the straight up flat whites and lattes but the barista has his own experimental corner so if you are inclined to indulge yourself or try something new, there is an entire page in the menu for ‘something different’ – I had the Honey & Ginger coffee… life-changing.

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