Keeping it in the Family: Coffeeberry, PMB

Thursday, 20 April, 2017
 One of our favourite things about the coffee industry is the collaboration factor. There are so many skills involved in getting you, the paying customer, the best possible drink, that businesses are always searching for and investing in the best possible suppliers and artisans that suit the desires of their regulars. So when an established cafe makes a change in their coffee bean supplier, they do not make that decision lightly. Nor do they put a new manager in position when it is not the best possible person for the job.

In Coffeeberry's case, this has meant keeping it local and even closer, keeping it in the family. They have collaborated with Steampunk Coffee Midlands to produce a new exciting dimension to their coffee offering at their successful cafe and Con Malherbe’s son, Mark, has seen the potential and is stepping in to help his dad fine-tune the concept as the freshly overhauled Coffeeberry sets its sights high!

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