Discover Great Coffee: Summer Selection

Wednesday, 16 October, 2013
The festive season is upon us. Well at least that is what the shopping malls and shops (yes, Woolworths I'm looking at you!) will have us believe. December is the month of entertaining and one needs to have a stock of good coffee at the ready for guests. What better way to end of a festive gathering than with a sublime coffee?

The Discover Great Coffee Club has got you covered. The Summer Drop of amazing coffees from across the country arrives on your doorstep on the 26th November just in time for all the December entertaining to begin. The kids go on holiday too so you'll need your strength, how about some help from these guys?

Masterton's Blend 97
(Port Elizabeth)
Masterton’s Tea and Coffee Specialists is the oldest coffee roasting company in South Africa, dating back to 1924 and based in Port Elizabeth. You know you’re in good hands with a third generation roasting family.
Blend 97, one of their most popular concoctions, is a blend of medium and dark roast Central American and East African Arabica beans first crafted several decades ago by our founder. Rich and full bodied, strong but not bitter, with a hint of molasses.

Global Coffee Roasters
Global Coffee is based in Cape Town and offers a wide variety of artisan roasted single origins and blends to suit each consumer. They also offer coffee solutions to businesses and coffee shops around Cape Town. Oliver Marshall’s team has been around since the beginning of the artisan coffee industry in SA, leading the way on a commercial scale.
A premium coffee where each origin is individually artisan roasted, then blended together. Perfectly balanced between African beans for rich flavour and South American to add some solid body!

Flatmountain Coffee Roasters
We got to know Bradley Sinclair, the Flatmountain head roaster, at our coffee and Lindt chocolate event and his passion for experimentation with roast profiles and attention to detail showed in his coffee.
Introducing a beautifully complex coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, specifically from the Gedeo mill. This particular Yirgacheffe is of outstanding quality with a complexity of citrus and spicy notes. We love the jasmine, floral black tea and lemon notes. We have profile roasted the coffee, manipulating the bean to bring out the most delicate yet vibrant flavours possible.

Coffee Original
The café, Strictly Come Coffee based in Vereeniging is home to the Coffee Original Roasters, bringing quality single origin beans to the Vaal area and now you get to try Dries Marx’s specially blended delight in your neck of the woods. Their aim is to bring gourmet tastes to ordinary coffee drinkers, while still meeting the expectations of a connoisseur. They offer a variety of blends, but have chosen to share the “Vintage” mélange. Vintage offers you an inimitable taste from Africa, uniquely blended, to create intensely concentrated flavour, with a full body. The aroma will set your senses alight.

Union Hand Roasted

(Cape Town)
Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is a small UK company, owned by Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia, dedicated to the joy of high quality Arabica coffee. They roast their coffee every day in small batches to display the coffee’s fullest expression of flavour and aroma. They trained Gerald Charles in the art of coffee roasting, bringing Union to SA shores. What a treat.
Our Domarso washed, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is an heirloom varietal. On the nose gentle aromas of Jasmine come through. This amazing coffee delivers playful undertones of Bergamot, gingerbread and apricots with sweet acidity and a winey body. The espresso highlights that sweet apricot and delivers a juicy body if extracted at its optimum.

Titanium Coffee
The amazing thing about this club is that you really get to taste undiscovered beans from every corner of the country. Gary Reimers roasts coffee in Lonehill and sent us a sample bag of these beans and we loved them so we had to include Titanium in the box. He imports beans from Burundi and roasts to order for coffee shops, restaurants and B&B’s
What can you expect from these beans? A blend of medium to dark roast of Burundi and Rwandan Coffee, both Bourbon varietals. Theses coffees exhibit more balance than Kenyan coffee with attractive fruited sweetness and a lingering tea like finish.

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