Merry Christmas with the Discover Great Coffee Club!

Friday, 4 December, 2015
Merry Christmas readers! 

Well it's not quite Christmas, but Silly Season is definitely under way. Christmas parties, gift shopping, holiday planning... it's all happening!! 

We are very excited it's Christmas, our latest mag has gone to print and will be out soon at your favourite Coffee destination, and we just received these delicious coffees for our Discover Great Coffee Club members!  (Click here to sign up for the next batch, or an annual subscription)

We loved them so much and we figured that, since it's the Season of giving that we'd order a few extra boxes for those of you who need a cool gift but can't think of what to buy. Whether it's someone at the office, your favourite lecturer, the girl who's notes you used to you get through exams... order them a coffee box and you're sorted! NOTE: As soon as your order is placed it will be dispatched and arrive in 2-3 working days.
Order here and spread the coffee love!