Urgent announcement for competing baristas

Friday, 13 November, 2015
Official Announcement from SCASA

Dear Competitors,

The mandatory competition grinders will not be available for this year’s national competition in Durban.

Following from this, we will revert back to the 2015 rules on grinders for this competition.

The 2015 rule states:

Competitors have the option of using the official WBC grinder provided, bringing their own grinder(s) or using both the provided grinder and their own grinder. Competitors may not use more than two grinders for espresso preparation during their performance, otherwise the competitor will receive zero (0) points in Station Management on all Technical Score Sheets. A grinder is defined for this competition as a paired motor and grinding surface.

SCASA through their sponsor will have 4 Mahlkoenig K30 Vario grinders available for the competitors.

We would also like to wish the competitors good luck for the competition.

So basically this means that competitors now have the option of bringing their own grinders if they so wish. There will K30's available as usual.

If you have any questions, please contact George Bertolis at georgeb@koldserve.co.za

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