Fun to Follow: Walter's Coffee on Instagram

Wednesday, 4 November, 2015
Welcome to Istanbul's gem, Walter's Coffee Roastery, where you get to feel like you're part of a dodgy meth lab rather than a speciality coffee shop. The team has combined their love of coffee and their obsession with all things Walter White to create this fascinating cafe. Basically I have posted it here, because fan or not, you've got to admire the level of dedication and attention to detail exhibited. And damn, it looks like these cats are having fun. All photos from their Instagram account.

Standard Walter's Coffee Roastery attire.

That's one intimidating stack of pancakes.

oh snap! This mini Walter White has us checking we still have all the seasons on our harddrive.

How most of us got started in the, um, coffee business.

Rock candy. Ha!

Walter's Meth-lab cupcakes :)

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