5 tips for making better coffee at home

Friday, 19 June, 2015
 Tip # 1:  This is NOT a coffee Grinder:

If you own one of these - go and throw it away immediately.

Investing in a coffee grinder is the most important part of the process, and it doesn't need to break the bank. You can get a domestic electric grinder like this one from Severin for only R1300, or a hand grinder like the Porlex for around R700  if you don;t mind manually grinding your coffee! You could go all out, which we highly recommend and order something like the Nuova Simonelli Grinter, which will set you back around R4500, but will change you coffee brerwing life forever.  The difference is in the concial burs that grind the coffee consistently, so all the particles are the same size ensuring an even extraction of flavour. Plus, you just can't beat that fresh-ground smell!

Severin electric grinder and the Nuova Simonelli Grinter grinder. 


Tip # 2: Filter your water!

Municipal water in SA is generally ok depending where you live, but you can't beat filtered water - so either invest in a filter for your kitchen like one from Brita , or buy filtered water (your coffee deserves it!) It will not only improve the flavour, but it will preserve the life of your equipment too.

This is a pretty serious water filter, but well worth it! Contact your local coffee service provider or roastery for more info on what's best for you. 

Tip # 3:  Buy fresh coffee beans directly from your local Roastery and check the roast date!

The optimum time to consume fresh roasted coffee is between 7-14 days, which allows the CO2 in the coffee to "de-gas", but also ensures it's at it's freshest.  Buying supermarket coffee can sometimes mean that it's been sitting in a warehouse or on the shelf a long time, so always check the roast date, or if it's a smaller retailer, like your local grocery store that stocks other fresh produce, ask the manager or owner and they'll give you a good idea.

Tip# 4: Buy whole beans, NOT Ground coffee

The common theory amongst coffee professionals is that coffee loses around 70% of it's flavour after about 4 minutes! So if you want to radically increase the flavout of your brew, re-read tip one, and then visit your local roastery. 


Tip # 5: Experiment with different methods to suit your needs and invest in a scale!

acaia scales are amazing!
Every coffee situation is unique - it may be your morning ritual for yourself and your better half, or it could be after-dinner entertaining coffee, it could be milk based cappuccinos for breakfast on your fancy new espresso machine or it could be the satisfying ritual of a Manual brew from your Chemex, Aeropress or pour-over.
Whatever it is, use a scale like this one from acaia - which also come with a handy app for your smartphone, so you can build up a history of your favourites and have them on hand to deliver what you need at the perfect moment. 
And they connect via bluetooth to your smartphone to record each pour and your brewing history!

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