Cafe of the Day: Analog Coffee

Tuesday, 14 April, 2015
Capitol Hill is a delighful little suburb on, you guessed it, one of the many hills surrounding the Seattle Bay. It has a reputation as a bastion of musical culture in Seattle and is the neighborhood most closely associated with the grunge scene from the early 90's, It is also a hive of coffee activity and tucked away on a very unlikely street which in South Africa I would look at and think to myself, "How does this survive here?!" is the chilledAnalog Coffee. But it most certainly has a following and well, ja, I could just hang out here all day, jamming vinyl new and old and cassette tapes, it makes me want to unwind and relax, on the back of a full-on week of coffee and thoughts of unrest at home on my mind. Turns out the right environment and good coffee can do that. It can totally do that.

This city of Seattle is a strange and friendly place. I'm not sure how much of it is real and how much of it is a crazy politically correct politeness, but I am certain that at Analog everyone is completely sincere.

Herkimer roasts the coffee served here, we met Scott during the trip and really appreciated his outlook toward espresso coffee. It was a fantastic experience to chill out here, unpretentious, good quality coffee. We later ended up at the source quite by accident, but that's a whole other tequila soaked, tattoo inked story.

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