New kids on the Block

Monday, 18 August, 2014
Ooh just look at the coffee adventures ahead of us! The places to drink coffee in this fair country of ours are getting better looking and offering exciting new innovations whether it be vinyl, a view to be reckoned with, a charity of your choice or a coffee based beverage with nutella or oreos!

Wonderland Coffee(Salt Rock, KZN)

Serving up a single origin Costa Rican roasted by DoubleShot. For parents, apparently they have a one of a kind jungle gym to harness the kiddies attention while you enjoy the coffee.

Jabulo the barista, ready to brew your way to a wonderful day.

Hard Pressed Cafe(CBD, CT)

A cup of delicious coffee to sip on while you sift through some vinyl? I think, yes! Loving the famous song lyrics on the chairbacks (that's what I call attention to detail!).

Here we are now, entertain us!

Vintage Coffee(Pretoria)

Coffee with a cause, can't wait to find out more about these guys! The concept is that the profit of the coffee shop goes to one of three NPO's. Every person that buys a cup of coffee, votes for the NPO that they would like to see the proceeds go to. At the end of every month, the votes are tallied and the NPO with the most votes gets the profit.

Shift Espresso Bar (Greenpoint, CT)

With a recommendation from one of our country's top baristas (Mr Ishan Natalie, our current Cover Star), you can't really go wrong. Welcome to the scene newbie, Shift Espresso Bar! You've already made an impression, and with coffee concoctions that include ice cream and oreos like 'Hashtag' and 'Italian Plumber', I'm sure you'll find a lasting support base!

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