Seeds of TRUTH

Thursday, 30 May, 2013
By Zane David Mattisson

Does the following sound remotely interesting to you: "Truth Coffee Roasting presents: Seeds of Truth. A project designed to make the coffee cup completely disappear"?
Well when I received and read that catch phrase on the press invite, it caught my attention; having worked for owner and visionary, David Donde twice in the past and knowing that he likes boundary-pushing, box-questioning while keeping things simple, I knew there was a proverbial rabbit up his sleeve.

On arrival at the sensorially stimulating Truth Head Quarter, I ordered a coffee and was promptly guided to a back makeshift meeting room-come-green bean storage facility. A friendly sight welcomed me into the entrance; an old 3 group La Pavoni lever machine (apologies for the average pic).

Pulling my ADD-inclined mind together, I proceeded to a set of beautiful raw wooden tables, illuminated from all sides, and on top were three simple yet neatly stacked piles of takeaway cups. Brown, bumpy burn bands (the strip that protects your hand from the heat) were around each. David handed me a cup from one of the piles before moving on to other arriving guests.

Once we're all accounted for, David in true Donde-style gave a clear-and-to-the-point introduction: Native digital advertising agency approached Truth Coffee Roasting with an idea to relook at the impact your daily takeaway caffeine fix has on the environment. Their simple yet revolutionary idea brought to life (literally, keep reading) is that they've reinvented the inevitable used takeaway cup. Using biodegradable cups and implanting herb seeds in the protector ring (burnband), when you're done with your cuppa, simply scrunch up the paper protector and drop it into the cup, add some soil, plant and water and ta-dah! Depending on your choice protector, you'll have fresh basil, rocket or thyme.

To be honest (and not just because I hate rocket) I'm going to battle planting my cup as the design work is amazing thanks to illustrator Christiaan Venter.

This is a limited edition only available at Truth HeadQuarters (36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town) while stock lasts. And remember you have a choice of either basil, rocket or thyme, and don't forget to add the engraved stirrer stick to your planted you know which herb is which.

Overall, simple. Beautifully designed. Well executed. Very cool Native and Mr Donde, very cool!

So, what of the proverbial rabbit? Not this time but in the near future it may just be seen nibbling around newly growing rocket, basil and thyme.

(partial copywriting taken from Native's press release on the day, they know how to say it best.)

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