Who are you calling short?

Monday, 8 April, 2013
 How important is size really?

There have been some interesting debates on social media by people in the industry (credit to Matt Carter for beginning the debate) that question whether there should be a standard cup size. Everywhere you go there are different cup sizes and different ratios. Does this mean you're not drinking a 'cappuccino' when you're served a cappuccino?
Each cafe seems to have their own definition for certain drinks, even though if you ask most people in the industry a 'standard' cappuccino is 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, 1 part micro-textured foam. If we can agree on this (or can we with the trendy flat white invasion?) then how can we order a cappuccino and be sure we get what we want if cup sizes varies from cafe to cafe.

This image is from the first edition of TheCoffeeMag, from our feature on deconstructing the cafe menu! If you didn't get it, you can order a copy here!

Great graphic depicting that even coffee goes through trends, short may be in vogue today but it may be long tomorrow...

We're opening this discussion to you, the people who drink coffee everyday. We want to hear your thoughts! Should there be an industry standard on cup size so we don't get a milky concoction labelled cappuccino or should we allow for interpretation and let cafes serve us up a surprise every time?

Let's hear it!


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