Rockin' & Roastin': Hit the road

Monday, 3 September, 2012
This week we’re hitting the road to spread some word about TheCoffeeMag. I always find that travelling is the best time to absorb new music. Of course you will always have your roadtrippin’ favourites, vintage Alanis Morrisette perhaps? OK I admit it, none of my roadtrips are complete without a belting session of Jagged Little Pill. But I’m travelling by plane, so belting may be frowned upon, better to pop some new tunes on the iPod, so spontaneous singing isn’t really an option. When you’re off to explore new territory, you may give things a chance that you otherwise wouldn’t. 

Discovering a great new band, or a fascinating new coffee, make travel and life in general that much more joyful. I’ve been experimenting with a Ugandan bean this past week, and while I can’t really say I’ve found it’s sweet spot yet, it’s still been exciting, you always learn a little more about what your own preferences are and I’m always reminded that there is so much still to explore.

So I’m going to put a moka pot of slightly over medium roasted Ugandan Bugisu AB on and listen to this sampling of my travel playlist. Hope you find something joyful.


Airplanes by Local Natives

King Tuff - Keep On Movin' by subpop

The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh - Hey, All You Hippies! by The Low Anthem

Poor Moon - Birds by subpop

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