Rockin' & Roastin': Inspiration close to home

Monday, 3 December, 2012
Ever had one of those experiences when you hear something and it just blows you away? Then you find out it's by one of our own and it makes you doubly proud? It's like finding a new cafe or a new roastery and you are so pleasantly surprised by the experience you just have to share it. Mainly because it's really good, but also because it's in your backyard!

This Monday's R&R is dedicated to some very talented local  musicians - and to pick a theme - we've chosen a group of artists that are no strangers to jamming in coffee shops to intimate audiences.

Something to make you tap your feet...

03 Man Is A Fire by Josie Field

Something to chill to...
2 Six Winters by Laurie Levine

And something to make you smile...

Run For Cover by Ramblin' Bones

All of the above are going to playing at this year's Drakefest in the KZN Midlands - One of the TheCoffeeMag's favourite music festivals of the year.  For more info check out the facebook page.


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