Bean There Squared

Wednesday, 12 September, 2012
Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art the coffee, Romeo?

“Ay, sisi, a tiny single? Nah you’ve gotta have a double? What do you say?”

And just like that my already caffeine-drowned brain was convinced that the double was the only way forward. The charming Romeo wasn’t about to let me get away with just a tiny single.

And I was so pleased he didn't, as every sip of the Bean There blend was a delight. The light and clean feel of the original roastery at the 44 Stanley Joburg location has carried through to their new audience in the Cape Town city bowl. There is another signature bicycle on the wall and the roaster remains centre of attention in the middle of the floor. And most importantly every one in the place flipping loves the coffee and the philosophy; you can feel it.

That's the good stuff right there. Always fresh.

The original Probat at 44 Stanley which averages on 22 roasts every single day.

Terry in CT makes another customers day with their outstanding brew.

The 44 Stanley team. Legends.

Proudly African.


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