Build Up to Nationals: Barista Profiles Two

Thursday, 16 October, 2014

We are getting so excited. Here are the next 5 baristas. It is shaping up to be one heck of a competition folks.

Name: Byron Keet

Famous Brands Coffee Co

Competition History: 2013 regionals- 2nd place / Nationals- 7th Place..... 2014 regionals 1st place

Position at Regionals: 1st in Eastern Cape

Coach: Donovan McLagan

Coffee used at Regionals: Los Lajones Natural Process- Graciano Cruz

Best moment in Coffee: Working and meeting the awesome coffee professionals of SA!!

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?

Experiment and break the rules as much as you can! Taste different varieties of coffee and improve your palate.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?
massive football fan and JOLLING:D

Favourite movie in the last 12 months? Neighbours

Name: Wency Masawi


Competition History: Finalist in KZN barista champs 2013, placed 15th at nationals (SA CHAMPS) 2013

Position at Regionals
: Placed 4th at the KZN champs 2014

Coach: Bernard Muneri

Coffee used at Regionals:Famous Colombian supremo

Best moment in Coffee: CUPPING

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?
spending time with friends and family

Favourite movie in the last 12 months? Wrong Turn 5

Name: Musa Magwaza

Company/Cafe: Lineage Coffee

Competition History: Competed once before in 2010 but did not make finals.

Position at Regionals: 5th in KZN

Coach: Craig Charity

Coffee used at Regionals: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Best moment in Coffee:When I came 5th in this years regional competition.

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?
Find a passion for coffee and work out of that.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)? Surfing

Favourite movie in the last 12 months?
I don't watch much TV, I would rather spend my time outside or working with coffee.

Name: Matt Carter


Competition History: First year competing

Position at Regionals:
4th in Gauteng

Coach: Ishan Natalie

Coffee used at Regionals:

Best moment in Coffee: Doing my Q-Grader in Ethiopia

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?

Never stop learning

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?
Make and drink beer, Run, Hike, Ice Climbing, Diving, Gardening.

Favourite movie in the last 12 months?


Name: Romeo O. Chimunya

Bean There Coffee Company Cape Town

Competition History:
This is my third year of competing. In my first year, 4th in the Nationals. It has been an awesome learning curve for me and I’m loving it. Looking forward to this year’s Nationals.

Position at Regionals:
4th in the Western Cape

Coach: Cuth Bland

Coffee used at Regionals: Rwandan Kivu

Best moment in Coffee:

1. Becoming one of the top 6 baristas in the country
2. Teaching other upcoming baristas how to make coffee

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?
Consistency is key. Consistency and Cleanliness are the pillars of a good barista.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?

Running, Working out in the Gym

Favourite movie in the last 12 months?

Actually, I’m not a big TV or Movie fan. I spend most of my free time out running or in the Gym.

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Bottomless Coffee Album Launch!

Thursday, 16 October, 2014
These lovely people are launching their album at a perfect venue for a band with such a name - a coffee roastery, Origin Coffee Roastery to be more specific. Bottomless Coffee, The Band, are a husband and wife duo that have been weaving their way into the hearts of Cape Tonians and much further afield, join them in celebrating their album!

Este and Lourens doing their thing!

You can book your tickets here.

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Build Up to Nationals: Barista Profiles Number One

Tuesday, 14 October, 2014

Introducing the first batch of competitors! In no particular order and drawn randomly from a hat, the TriBeCa team is prominent here!

Name: Mike Chizzy

Company/Cafe: TriBeCa

Competition History:

Started competing in the first barista championship in Eastern Cape, that was 2011. I came first in latte art and runner-up in nationals. I was also latte art champ in 2012. I sensory judged in 2012 championship both regional and national level.

Position at Regionals: 2nd in the Eastern Cape

Coach: Myself

Coffee used at Regionals:

Daterra sweet yellow-Brazil

Best moment in Coffee:

Being with a group of people(barista championship) talking the same language(coffee)

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?

Being a barista is not a job. It's a passion-filled career. Don't do it for money, but for the love of it.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?

Having special time with my family

Favourite movie/book in the last 12 months?

The Bible; you must try it out.

NAME: Wezo Sithonga

COMPANY\CAFE: Buitenverwachting Coffee Bloc

COMPETITION HISTORY:First timer (novice)


COACH: Warren Machanick

COFFEE USED AT REGIONALS: Colombian Blend (los naranjos,los idolos,la piramide and col organic)

BEST MOMENTS IN COFFEE: Cupping and tasting different origins...


WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING TO DO? It has to be Wine (tasting and making)

FAVOURITE MOVIE IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS: Snow white and the Huntsman (old time movie has to be The persuit of happiness)

Name: Travis Scott

Company/Cafe: TriBeCa

Competition History: 2011 national winner.

Position at Regionals: 3rd place

Coach: Me

Coffee used at Regionals: single origin Rwanda from eastern province.

Best moment in Coffee: The day I won Nationals 2011

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas? It does not happen over night you need to put the work in!

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)? Spend time with my wife and watching football.

Favourite movie in the last 12 months? Reality TV show Fast and Loud.

Ishan and Phumlani pictured together at the Gauteng Regional Prizegiving!

Name: Ishan Natalie

TriBeCa Coffee Company

Competition History:
Competed in all except 2012 and 2013 cycle. Runner up at all besides 2009 and 2010, which I won consecutively. Competed and won at the 2011 African Barista Championship.

Position at Regionals:
2nd to my brother man Phumlani

Matt Carter

Coffee used at Regionals:
El Salvador San Carlos

Best moment in Coffee:
Winning the SA and African titles, and being blessed with representing South Africa at the World Championship.
My favorite moments daily are spending time with my baristas behind the bar and in training.

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?
Let the passion for coffee take over you and guide you. It will become a career from there, and success will always follow. Work hard on discipline in pursuit of quality and consistency, and always stay in touch with the coffee community and world as there is so much to learn every day and with every encounter with fellow baristas.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?
Playing Masterchef at home for my wife and friends; and playing soccer with my friends

Favourite movie in the last 12 months?
Most likely Pacific Rim

Name: Phumlani Sibeko

Company/Cafe: Famous Brands Coffee co

Competition History: Top 6 Gauteng Regionals 2012, 2014 GAUTENG Barista champion

Coach: Tony Horter

Coffee used at Regionals: Guatemala Finca El morito

Best moment in Coffee: Lol winning the 2014 GAUTENG regionals that was a blessing. Best moment ever.

What would your one piece of advice be to aspiring Baristas?
Stay humble and love what you do.

What is your favourite thing to do (that doesn't involve coffee)?
Playing soccer now and then.

Favourite movie in the last 12 months?
The amazing spider man 2

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KZN Barista Bootcamp!

Thursday, 4 September, 2014
If you would like to register for the KZN competition, go here.

If you would like to sign up to be a judge, email here.

If you have any questions about the bootcamp or the competition, give us a shout here.

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Barista Workshop at Origin Coffee Roasting

Friday, 22 August, 2014
The collective goal of the South African coffee community is to propel one of our baristas to the top of world competition! We couldn't be more proud of Craig Charity and we only want to get better from there.

This workshop organised by BIlbo and David will be invaluable in preparation for Nationals and if you ever want to compete at future competitions.

"Reflecting on your performance is as important as competing itself"

Invitation to ALL

In this spirit of learning and development, we would like to invite barista's, coaches, cafe owners and sponsors to the SCASA Barista Champs Post Match Analysis.

Have the opportunity to:

Taste the wining espresso, cappuccino, and signature beverage. by Gerald Charles and David Coleman
Learn tips from veteran competitors (Western Cape & SA finalists & champions)
Learn more about official Equipment: Nouva Simonelli Aurellia Espresso machine & Malkonic K30
Hear from experienced judges about what they are looking for, and general trends in speciality coffee.
Have your scores sheets interpreted for you.
Don't miss this opportunity to capitalise on your participation at the SCASA barista championships.

DATE: Monday 8 Sep 2014
TIME: 6pm to late
VENUE: Origin, 28 Hudson st, de Waterkant

Brought to you by Origin Coffee Roasting & SCASA

Bilbo has years of experience in the competitive world to share with you.

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The Story of Coffee at Colombo Coffee&Tea

Monday, 28 July, 2014
The details are simple, get yourself down to Colombo on Thursday night and be wowed by just how much goes into your delicious cup of coffee!

Date: 31 July 2014 (This Thursday!)
Time: 18h30
Venue: Colombo Coffee & Tea, 369 Magwaza Maphalala Road, Umbilo (Pearson the awesome car guard will be there protect vehicles)
Cost:R20 gets you in
        R30 gets you in with a Long Miles Coffee

There will be live music, a chance to win some amazing coffee and some other goodies and perhaps even the opportunity to roast some coffee on the night! Wonderful!

"People have always connected over coffee, spoken over coffee and told stories over coffee. But we've begun to realize that coffee has its own story to tell. It’s a story that begins in Burundi months, and even years, before your coffee reaches your cup. The characters in this story range from the unknown farmers and producers in East Africa to world-renowned South African barista champions and the owners of your favourite cafe.

On the 31st of July, Colombo is giving coffee an opportunity to tell its story. Colombo will be joined by Lori-Rae van Laren, an intern at the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, Craig Charity, the current SA Barista Champion, and Charli Denison, a coffee importer, for a discussion evening about where your coffee comes from, what life at coffee origin in Burundi looks like and the potential Third Wave coffee and direct trade have for partnership, sustainability and traceability in the coffee world (big, scary coffee terms like ‘Third Wave’ and ‘direct trade’ will also be explained).

Expect an evening of beautiful imagery from East Africa, stories from the crazy world of origin, live music and really tasty Burundian coffee. It will be a chance to have some of your coffee questions answered, win some exclusive coffee and you may even be able to roast some coffee yourself to take home with you."

For more information about the Long Miles Coffee Project and to see what Craig is up to, check out and

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Action packed EC Regionals: A few snaps

Friday, 25 July, 2014
Day 2 Schedule 10am start:

Lizo - Boardwalk Hotel.
Luyolo - Radisson Blu
Sisa Mapetu - Hand Made Coffee, Grahamstown
Luyanda - Radisson Blu
Lennox - TriBeCa Woolworths Cafe
Simamkele - Protea Marine Hotel
Xola - Mandela Bay Coffee
Alex - Como Caffe

Followed by Cup Tasters Championship.

Altman, technical judge, bends to see that Sipho's tamping is level and consistently weighted. Yes, that's how technical it gets!

Lively and chatty off stage, the pressure of the competition rendered Sipho Sethu pensive and nervous. Despite this he did so very well, representing Radisson Blue Hotel.

Denver was an extremely enthusiastic first timer. Here he prepares his signature drink, using orange rind and condensed milk.

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We're in the Eastern Cape!!!

Thursday, 24 July, 2014
The Friendly City and The Homemakers expo have opened their arms to the SCASA Coffee Competitions.

Baristas performing today:

Byron Keet - Urban Espress Coffee Co.

Sipho Setu - Radisson Blue Hotel Group

Denver - Pomodoro Wilderness

Mike Chizeya - TriBeCa Woolworths

Steven - Madibaz Cafe

Xolelwa - Ciro Coffee Solutions

The judges calibration is one of the most important parts of the day. These volunteers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, the Top 6 of this comp go through to a chance to compete for a place at the World Championships in Seattle next year.

Don McLagan and Ishan Natalie providing everyone with deliciousness.

Byron Keet was runner up in last year's competition and is hot favourite to take this year's title. He was up first this morning.

Very ambitious use of both an AeroPress and a siphon to complement his Panama Los Lajones coffee roasted by Union Hand Roasted.


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