Stand with Emil: Support our coffee industry friend in his brother's fight against cancer.

Thursday, 14 September, 2017
Dan Erasmus is a part of the South African coffee community. You may recognise his noteworthy beard from around Durban (Colombo Coffee) or more recently, Johannesburg with Firebird Coffee. He was the 2013 South African AeroPress Champion and he has a bright future in coffee, we can't wait to see what he does next. Terrible news has recently struck his family. 

His younger brother Emil (only 16!), a talented musician (a flautist) part of the KZN Youth Orchestra, was diagnosed with bone cancer earlier this year and the family is doing everything in their power to get him healthy again.

We know there are so many families suffering with the struggle of affording proper care for this disease, but every bit helps and if you can help young Emil Erasmus, I'm sure karma will reward you with some delicious coffee somewhere along the road.

You can donate on the Facebook page.

Or visit the Backabuddy donation page.

Good luck Emil!!!

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Cafe of the Month - September

Friday, 8 September, 2017

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Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar

Thursday, 7 September, 2017
Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar
Shop U38, Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandton

Naked Coffee
began in Melrose Arch and gained a cult following serving coffee to the passing trade from their stylish coffee hutch, now they've now spread their wings in more ways than one to a new location in Morningside. They've expanded to include an amazing menu to accompany their amazing coffee which is now being brewed on a Victoria Arduino White Eagle. The most beautiful wings in the business!

They've brought their trademark sexy style with them along with their trademark naked portafilters. Word is, this is the new place to be seen!

Gourmet to go at the new Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar

Fresh produce, gourmet coffee, home-style cooking – and all ‘to go’. The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar, a new foodie and coffee concept by the duo behind Naked Coffee, brings the global gourmet deli trend to Johannesburg. The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar, now open in Morningside Shopping Centre, was inspired by Shaun Els and Victor Barbosa’s international travels, passion for coffee and love for fresh, seasonal food.
‘A love for coffee, paired with an acute attention to quality was the driving force that led us to begin this journey, which drove us to open Naked Coffee in 2015,’ says Victor Barbosa. ‘Naked Kitchen is a recipe consisting of the things we love - fresh produce, passion and beautiful home style cooking. The word Naked ties in perfectly as it represents the “raw” seasonal produce that is carefully considered and sourced. These Naked ingredients are passionately put together and cooked to perfection by a very talented team of young chefs.’ The gourmet deli, led by head chef Sasha Simpson, specialises in breakfast, lunch and early dinner. Patrons can select a protein and sides to eat in or take away, and can fuel up with gourmet coffee made from its own blend of Naked Coffee beans. This focus on fast, yet flavourful food and coffee makes the Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar the perfect on-the-go eatery for Joburg’s growing foodie community.

The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar isn’t only geared towards tantalising taste buds, it aims to engage all senses with its sleek, stylish décor. The modern interior was created by Tristan du Plessis, founder of boutique interior architecture firm Studio A. The space was custom created and includes interesting furniture, leather and brass light fittings and handmade forest green tiles. Various textures – wood, leather, steel, brass – come together to create a chic, contemporary space.

‘Our vision is to create a brand of excellence that can stand out in any city across the globe. Johannesburg is just the beginning,’ says Victor Barbosa. “We are fuelled by caffeine and dreams”

The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar is located in Morningside Shopping Centre, corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, and is open seven days a week.

For more information on Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar, follow @nakedcoffee_ on Instagram and @nkdcoffeesa on Facebook.

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Are cafes changing the property market landscape?

Friday, 8 September, 2017
We see this happening all over the country. Love Coffee was invited to Urban Lime's Hacienda development to attract prospective tenants. Tribe Coffee was brought into a BMW branch to get people through the door. The more we think about it, the more we see the pattern. The example below of Seattle Coffee Company shows that it is a hotly contested space. We're not surprised, remember, good coffee = good business!

With the largest number of independent speciality coffee roasters in South Africa, Cape Town, is becoming widely recognised as the coffee capital of Africa. Cape Town coffee culture is booming and coupled with the nomadic flexi-worker trend on the rise – coffee shops are rapidly becoming the generic for ‘offices’.

The Power of the Bean

In a bygone era, Cape Town was better known for its tea-houses. That has shifted dramatically according to Iain Evans, the publisher of Coffee Magazine, who said that the SA coffee scene is radically different to what it was 10 years ago. South Africa has caught up to global standards and you can now go into a high-end roastery in South Africa and have an experience on par with Melbourne or Vancouver.

In the past decade, the industry has grown from a mere 20 roasteries to well over 250 independent roasters in South Africa. Statistics South Africa has also recorded steady growth in the restaurant and coffee shop sector with year-on-year revenue growth at 4.5%.

Cape Town’s ‘coffee capital’ status is further entrenched by the Mother City’s consistent exposure on international travel blogs. A case in point is Truth Coffee being voted ‘the best coffee shop in the world’ by the British Telegraph.

Coffee and Property

You may ask what this explosion of coffee culture has to do with property prices? According to Janet Lightbody of the Ikon Property Group – a whole lot. (And that’s besides the known side- effects of caffeine).

When you position a high-end café such as the Seattle Coffee Company in a commercial building, positive spin-offs are substantial, not only for the landlord, but for the neighbouring tenants too. “Recognised brands such as Seattle Coffee Company add immense value to a building by acting as a drawcard and increasing customer footfall for neighbouring stores.” Janet maintains that tenants such as Seattle Coffee Company can afford generous fit-out budgets and often transform a blank canvass into a superior retail space, an additional advantage for landlords.

“By leveraging group buying power they are able pay competitive rentals and commit to longer tenures. This investment can often result in the landlord’s building grade being re-rated and landlords enjoy strong tenancy covenants – ultimately a win-win scenario,” adds Elton Holland, Director Ikon Property Group.

Benefits of Collaboration

With a preferred commercial property broker on board, the Seattle Coffee Company has the benefit of mapping out their expansion plans collaboratively with a property specialist who is not only well-connected, but also equipped with area-specific knowledge. In turn, the broker’s search for ideal sites for new stores is informed by a shared strategic vision – to the benefit of their client.

The Seattle Coffee Company, which is Direct Trade (families who grow and pick the beans are paid directly at least 23% above Fair Trade) and wholly SA-owned, recently opened a store in The Palm’s, a rejuvenated old bakery in Woodstock and at 4 Regent Road in Sea Point. Both sites were identified and brokered by Ikon Properties. “Working with Janet Lightbody, IKON Property Group, has been great. She has integrity, is professional and continues to represent Seattle Coffee Company in our property capacity.” Barry Parker, Seattle Coffee Company.

As the coffee culture continues to brew in Cape Town and nationwide, new Seattle Coffee Company stores can be anticipated on Church Square and in Newspaper House in the CBD. With their ‘no-compromise on quality coffee’ attitude and sustainable ethos, we are likely to see Seattle Coffee Company becoming part of the DNA of a growing coffee society in South Africa. And as they expand their coffee footprint – they are positively influencing commercial & retail property prices along the way.

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Barista of the Month - September

Friday, 8 September, 2017

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WATCH: Brew a V60 Pour Over

Friday, 1 September, 2017
Enter our competition below!

If you've ever wondered how to make the perfect V60 pour over, then you've come to the right place! 

All African Barista Champion 2017, Craig Charity, from Lineage Coffee, gives some insightful techniques on how to get the best out of the Hario V60, and also shows off the new Zip Hydrotap from Franke South Africa.
If you liked this video, be sure to check out the next video in the series.. "How to brew the perfect Plunger" :

To enter to win your own V60 Pour over Set, simply watch the video and answer the question below!


Win a V60 Pour-over set!

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WINNER: Barista of the Month August

Friday, 1 September, 2017
Congratulations to our first monthly winners!!!

Barista Stevo Kuhn from Royal Coffee Roastery in Bloem is the first winner of the Barista of the Month award. He wins a R1000 cash prize! - Well done Stevo!

Edward, who nominated Stevo, by posting the selfie, wins an epic coffee hamper, including a brewing device, a hand grinder, an e-coffee cup, some delicious coffees and some wonderful Selati sugar products!

If you would like to nominate your favourite barista and stand a chance to win next month's hamper, click this link

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Meet SA's Aeropress Champ: Khan Chang

Thursday, 31 August, 2017
 You’re the new SA AeroPress Champ and you’re going to Seoul! How does that make you feel?

I am grateful of Caffina the Coffee goddess, who has embraced and blessed me with opportunities in coffee, and now has crowned me with the title of South African AeroPress Champion and she's sending me off to battle for the World AeroPress Championship! I am deeply humbled by the opportunity and the upcoming experience, but at the same time, worried about meeting expectations. Here's to bringing back the title to honour Caffina!

Um, Ok Chang. Thanks for that.
(Ed's Note: check this out for more on Caffina It may or may not be a real thing, unless you're Chang!)

Chang, with his Golden Aeropress, (3rd from left) the trophy for numero uno AeroPress barista at The SA Champs, held at Espresso lab earlier this year.

What do you love about the AeroPress and what is your top tip for people using one for the first time?

Like every manual brewing device the opportunity of discovering great flavour is between you and your brewing equipment. AeroPress has made it simpler for any coffee lover that wishes to know more about manual brewing a great and fun way to enjoy their favorite coffee anywhere. For the first time user, first pray to Caffina for guide and wisdom! Then, go to your favorite Roastery (Uncle Bear Coffee, of course) to show you the basics and pick up some beans. You can also watch it on YouTube on how to, but most of all: Have Fun! (And use good water - 88 Celsius.)

What was the moment in your coffee journey that you decided opening a cafe was in your future?

Caffina (in her ineffable graciousness) said to me, "Go! And spread my love to all! Enlighten them with my glory and show them what is COFFEE!" But I don't have enough to set up, I said to her. She said to me, "Ask, and you shall receive!" That is when I realize there is a cafe waiting for me.

Ok, so that was when Uncle Bear Coffee Company came about?

On a very ordinary day, I was communing with Caffina and Syphon coffee, I asked her for a name for the cafe because so many names have been taken already, either locally or internationally, when my niece runs towards me and ask what is it that I am doing? I explained to her and let her smell the aroma, she took a deep sniff on the nose and said, "Uncle Bear Coffee".


And you’re roasting now? How has that experience changed your perspective on coffee?

Yes I am! The more I learn about coffee through roasting and brewing, the more I feel humbled on the this journey. The more I KNOW, the more I DON'T KNOW.

Good Luck in Seoul Champ!

You can follow all the action here:

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