Win with the Summer of Coffee Lovin'

Friday, 11 January, 2019

The latest edition of our magazine celebrates ways to beat the heat and still enjoy your coffee. We made the coffee ice cream lollies over the holidays and suffice to say they were a HIT!

To celebrate the start of 2019 and these long summer days we are giving away an awesome hamper worth R1000!

You get a Discover Great Coffee Summer Box (order here if you want one!), some Sea Dog Cold Brew, a Lizzard Creative Coffee Week flask, the summer edition of the magazine (Find your nearest Distributor here) and a Coffee Magazine tee. Whoop whoop! 

Hello 2019! Coffee Hamper worth R1000

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SA's oldest Roastery celebrates 94 years with launch of new home

Friday, 11 January, 2019

In a round about way, Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists is at the very beginning of The Coffee Magazine story. We might never have existed were it not for our editor's dad being inspired to start his own roastery space after visiting James Masterton at his Port Elizabeth Russell Road store.

So began the road to starting The Coffee Magazine and falling in love with the coffee industry. Thanks Mastertons!

Now as South Africa's oldest coffee roastery celebrates their 94th year in business (!!!), they have relocated to stunning new premises (92 Main Road, Walmer). The charm of the old location will never be forgotten and will certainly hold a special place in our hearts, but the new location expands their passion for coffee in such a beautiful way. They've got dedicated areas for training, cupping, equipment, beans and to grab a cup of their famous brew.

Ryler Masterton and his team are pushing the brand forward into the ever expanding world of coffee and they are excited for the future. They have really created a gorgeous contemporary space, without sacrificing the traditional look and feel. Just take a look below... 

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New Kid on the Block: Holiday Coffee

Tuesday, 8 January, 2019

Port Elizabeth has a brand spanking new coffee company and they are looking fresh. Welcome to the world Holiday Coffee Company, we are loving your vibe!

All pics from the delightful Holiday Coffee Company instagram, give them a follow!

Who are the people behind Holiday Coffee Company?

Husband and wife team. We (Chris and Carmen Faragher) have just started this epic journey and dream of a Local Cafe and Coffee Brand within in the Eastern Cape. 

Married for 8 years and have our two Children Charis and Levi. 

Chris had been working for the past 7 years on the corporate side within the coffee industry as an SCA trainer and coffee educator, always with a deep desire to start his own Coffee Company and lifestyle Brand. 

We have a team of top notch baristas working alongside us in the bar every day. These guys are amazing! 

How did you decide on the name and look and feel?

Look and Feel? Fresh!, open and clean with a natural feel. We want to evoke adventure and energy through a lifestyle coffee brand. Encouraging good coffee drinking rituals that an individual or group of people can enjoy together with us. We wanted each person interacting with us to feel the joy of a holiday, daily! We wanted to create a coffee environment and look that was unique and that we hadn't seen before. Good vibes all round! Carmen, my wife, was the brains behind the look and decor. We think she nailed it.  

The name Holiday? We had been tossing around some ideas for some time and we as a young family came to quite a high pressure season with the demands of work and two small children. We wanted to create a change in our lifestyle and a holiday was much needed! The  name Holiday then lent itself exactly to the look and feel we wanted to create. We then worked closely alongside a designer to create this brand we love. 

What are your goals for Year One?

We absolutely have long term dreams to grow our business in so many ways. But we are so passionate about creating something excellent so we have devoted this first year to honing down our systems, service delivery and relationship with our customers face to face. All while serving them premium coffee brewed to great quality standards with our team. 

What is the unique experience you feel you can give potential customers?

We really want to push and demonstrate a high level of beverage preparation while educating our customers along the way. That being said, at our core, aside from the Coffee, we want each customer to feel that they receive ultimate value and that each moment they share with us is an absolute treat. 

Tell us one funny/frustrating/inspiring story from the build up to opening or from your first month of trading?

You don't know what you don't know. To take a concept that you've been developing for years, then launching it in four weeks is a hard task. Everything opened up for us quickly, and we mean quickly!, so we rolled with the punches and here we are. Happy as ever and fully stoked! 

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

If you have the opportunity, do what you love. The hard work and drive while you don't do those things will motivate and grow you Incredibly! When it's all pulled off, take in the moment, have gratitude in your heart, and enjoy the ride!  Our roaster and good friend Ben (BROTHERS Coffee)  has often told me, "don't let me hear you complaining about having to work hard!" And so I'll never take that for granted. You won't hear any complaints for us! We are so thankful! 

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Bluebird Coffee Roastery goes to Istanbul

Friday, 11 January, 2019

You might remember ‘meeting’ Dario and Alexis Scilipoti of BlueBird Coffee Roastery in our Roaster Feature a few months back. They recently completed a European trip where they visited some amazing cafés and met some incredible roasters. This is their story…

- - - - - - - - - -

Cats, Mahlkonig EK43 coffee grinders and Ethiopian naturals coffee everywhere! That is my first and lasting impression of Istanbul, stop one of the unofficial “BlueBird visits as many European coffee shops and roasters as possible” tour…

After an uneventful flight and taxi ride to our home for the next week, we had a few hours to kill before checking in. Lex was ready to chill and I was ready for some coffee. Brew Lab, here we come! I should clarify a few things before we start drinking coffee. Firstly, Lex wasn’t “ready to chill”. She was exhausted. It turns out that growing a human is extremely tiring and we had just found out that she’s pregnant. Flipping stoked!

Secondly, my high school sweetheart and the love of my life hates coffee. This is her right. I have forgiven her (mostly). You would think that this would be a challenge given the nature of our unofficial tour, but her constant state of exhaustion meant that extended conversations with café and roastery owners suited her perfectly. Thirdly, our guide for this tour came in the form of a series of videos and a map from the guys at European Coffee Trip. Thanks boys!

Exploring Istanbul’s coffee scene

With our bags securely stored, we located Brew Lab on Google Maps, just 4.3km away. 20 minutes and many one-ways later, our very bling limo-style Uber got us there. Lesson one learned: switch Google Maps to Walk mode – the café was actually a gentle 10-minute walk from our apartment! Brew Lab is a delightful little café serving coffee roasted by Petra. 

I immediately noticed the abundance of high-end brewing equipment; this however turned out to be the norm. I enjoyed a delicious Kenyan pour over while trying to communicate with the barista – his English and my Turkish left us pointing and smiling politely. Little learned, but a great experience nonetheless. We’re Instagram friends now.

After a day of exploration, which included a few must-see sights like the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Garden and the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque), we were ready for a quiet place to process the day’s activities. This brings us to Kronotrop. This trendy little café and roastery is a great example of a third wave coffee business. First class equipment and the two baristas on bar were passionate and eager to share information about their coffee options and favourite brew methods. 

I enjoyed multiple coffees, including a delicious naturally processed Ethiopian pour over and a chocolatey Guatemala as espresso. Kronotrop also has a small shop in the airport which rescued me from the HSBC lounge coffee, which had distinct notes of tar, smoke, and demons.

A tour of specialty coffee shops

Istanbul is an assault on your senses. People everywhere, most of whom seem to smoke. Diverse food options, most of which we sampled. Sweet teas, Turkish delight, baklava, artisanal chocolate, shawarma, roasted chestnuts…the list goes on. But nowhere is more ‘full-on’ than the Grand Bazaar. Thousands of stalls selling knock-off big name brands, beautiful carpets, local delicacies, and jewellery. 

We had a specific item in mind though: an antique Turkish coffee pot. After locating the shop we were after within the antique section of this massive undercover market, we struck gold. Well, it’s actually copper and brass, but you know what I mean. Stoked! 

Then it was off to Petra Roasting Co. We had seen the signs in bookstores, cafés, hairdressers and offices - “Petra Coffee served here”. We had to go to the source! Petra is a large restaurant and coffee roastery. Big, bustling, and beautiful. Modern yet comfortable. Friendly staff, a huge selection of pastries, and a top-notch coffee offering. The roastery featured a new Probat, automated packaging, and a lot of coffee! 

I got to meet the owner, Kaan Bergsen, who was super cool. We swopped bags of coffee and spoke roasting styles. He shared some of his frustration around buying green coffee on price as the average income in Turkey is pretty low. I feel his pain. Asking the average South African coffee consumer to pay R400 for a 250g bag of coffee would be ‘interesting’. 

Talking coffee

As we were leaving, he excitedly ordered their award-winning Kenyan Kainamui AA as an espresso for us to taste. Fruit forward, bright acidity, creamy body and the intense aroma accentuated by the handmade Tim Wendelboe designed cup – a wide base to cool the espresso and a narrow mouth to channel the smell. 

Our final day in Istanbul was one of the best coffee days I have had! We started with a meeting with Cagatay Gulabioglu from Probador Colectiva. Widely regarded as one of the best roasters in Europe, Cagatay overflows with knowledge. From optimum brewing water, to green buying, to roasting styles…he was incredibly generous with his time and expertise. 

While enjoying a 90+ Ethiopian coffee, we spoke about the ethical responsibility of the coffee professional. He feels that roasters and café owners marketing commercial coffee as specialty is a global problem, one we often see in South Africa. The issue is that the consumer is left wondering why they paid more for the underwhelming coffee experience. We spoke about farmer pay, increasing global demand for specialty coffee, and the challenges of running a roastery without a café. 

With no interest in opening a café, I was taking notes! He is where we are going as a company – quality obsessed specialty roastery and QC lab, big home barista customer base and partner cafés who care about their coffee. Heck yeah! We left with a selection of his coffees, a branded cupping bowl, and a deep desire to drop our commercial coffees. A decision we have since taken. Thanks Cagatay!

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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Guide!

Thursday, 13 December, 2018

We've curated the Ultimate Coffee Gift Guide for this festive season!

Looking for a gift for a Traditionalist, a Purist, an Outdoorsy type, an Aspiring Barista or a Domestic Godess? We've got it all and more!

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Handpresso Auto Hybrid        R3,100.00

MSR Windburner, Coffee Press & Gas Kit:  R 2700

Bean There DR Congo Beans  R85

Stanley 470ml Vacuum Steel Plunger:            R710

Stanley 1l vacuum Steel Flask:            R670

Cafflano Kompact       R875.00 

Cafflano Klassic           R1 175.00

For the Old School

Bialetti Dama Stovetop Espresso Maker / Moka Pot R 629.00

Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker    R 1,479.00

For the Cool Kids

Aeropress Coffee Maker         R695

Wacaco Nanopresso   R1 295   

Fellow Stagg Pour-over Kettle            R2 100    

Lume grinder  R1 950   

For the Entertainer

Technivorm MoccaMaster KBG 741 AO Filter Coffee Machine         R 3,295.00

For the Traditionalists & the Purist

Tognana - 3 Cup Coffee Star Coffee Maker - Black    R299

Tognana stove top coffee set price on request

Hario V60 Pour-Over Coffee Dripper  R 339.00

Hario Coffee Mill Dome Grinder         R500

For the Commuters

Lizzard flasks - various sizes   from R200

For the Trend-Setters

Cold brew cans 3 types           R20-R24 at leading retailers

Coffee Dictionary        R275    email

Handpresso Outdoor Case     R3,695.00

What I Know About Running Coffee Shops    R525    email

Masterton’s Coffee – assorted blends  From R85

For the Aspiring Home Baristas

Breville knockbox mini           R349

Breville Barista Touch espresso machine        R 17,999.00

For the Domestic Godesses

Smeg Toaster  R 3,199.00

Smeg Kettle    R 2,599.00

Nespresso Creatista Plus        R5999

For the Style-Leaders

Ibrik coffee set            price on request

Rose gold plunger set R 399.00

CM 5500 Countertop coffee machine            R19999  

For the Serious Contenders

Nuova Simonelli  Oscar II        R 16,499.00

Nuova Simonelli MCI Stepless Espresso Grinder        R 8,499.00

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Last chance to win with #12daysofcoffeechristmas

Thursday, 20 December, 2018

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Featured Barista: Siyanda Ntleko

Thursday, 20 December, 2018

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Summer Edition: On shelves and looking festive!

Thursday, 20 December, 2018

We're in love with the Summer edition of the magazine!!! So much inspiration, insight and excitement to help you fall in love with coffee all over again!

Cover Story: Coffee trends across the Globe

Seven coffee professionals from seven different nations share their thoughts on what has been and what is to come in 2019. 

Travel: A New Dawn - The Gorongosa Coffee Project

A story of hope; coffee brings hope to a community as part of an effort to provide sustainable income to families in war-torn Mozambique

Discover: Decoding your Coffee Bag Label

When was the last time you really looked at your coffee label? Let it guide you to better coffee choices by taking a deeper dive into the information provided by your favourite roaster.

Brew: Cold Brew Cruising

Summer has arrived and if you haven’t already discovered cold brew coffee, you’re in luck. There are more places than ever that you can get your fix. Plus, recipe to brew your own included!

Roaster Focus: Phumlani Sibeko, Manaka Coffee

Making his own rules and learning everything he can along the way, Phumlani Sibeko is blazing a trail as one of the few Black coffee business owners.

Music: Let the Music Move You by Lem Butler

The last in our 4-part series, Lem tells us about owning his first instrument and how it has affected his life and his journey in coffee.

The Ultimate Coffee Gift Guide

Oh yeah, ’tis the season to be jolly and we’ve got a whole lot of coffee goodies to bring a smile to your face all year round…

Culture: East meets West

Ancient Coffee Traditions in Eastern Europe meet modern cafe culture as Fred de Vries explores the beautiful streets of Croatia and Bosnia.

Discover Great Coffee: Jeffreys Bay Coffee Crawl

Coffee in the land of World's Best Right Hand Point Break, need we say more?

Kick: Why is Latte Art Important?

The art on your flat white is more than crema deep! This year, we discovered how much of an impact latte art can have.

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