Almond Breeze Latte Art Video Challenge

Welcome to the Almond Breeze Latte Art Video Challenge - owned, hosted and powered by Coffee Magazine!

Want to win R750 a week by showing off your latte art skills, then you've come to the right place.

How Does it Work? Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Get your hands on some Almond Breeze Barista Blend milk. You can find stockists here.
  2. Shoot a video of yourself (max 1.30min long) pouring your best latte art design using the Almond Breeze Barista Blend milk.
  3. Upload it to youtube.
  4. Share the link with us at or fill in the entry form at the top right hand corner of the page.
  5. Get your friends to like your video when it goes live on the website and share it to gain extra likes!

Each week, The Coffee Magazine team will select two videos to go head-to-head against each other. The video with the most "likes" in that week wins the cash! The two videos with the most “likes” in March, April and May will qualify for the Grand Finals rounds in June. We will invite these Top 6 to re-submit a new video for their Grand Finals submission. The same format will apply with the most "liked" video in June being the winner of the R5000 grand prize.

There will also be Almond Breeze barista kits as spot prizes, so even if you don't win the cash that week, keep submitting your videos and you could still win cool prizes!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Please carefully read the full rules and t&c's before submitting your video. We look forward to seeing your Almond Breeze Latte Art Video Challenge designs!


Week 12 - Desmond Nyashanu - Hugo Roastery & Café Vs Warren Maart - Hugo Roastery & Café +
    Hugo Cafe in Worcester, has a huge passion for coffee, so much so that they're hosting a Coffee Festival! Here are 2 of their talented baristas! Remember the June Finalists are determined by number of votes, so the more the better!!!
  • Desmond Nyashanu - Hugo Roastery & Café

    A Dog! Woof!

  • VS
  • Warren Maart - Hugo Roastery & Café

    A beautiful Flower!

Week 11 - Sibusiso - Republik Vs Owen Chirilele - Coffeeright (CLOSED) +
  • Sibusiso - Republik

    S'bu LAVC Two Macchiato Pours

    23 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Owen Chirilele - Coffeeright

    Almond breeze latte art by Owen

    86 likes/shares
Week 10 - SA's Top Baristas! Vs SA's Top Baristas (CLOSED) +
    The Almond Breeze Barista Smackdown was so much fun! Here is some inspiration for your next video entry!
  • SA's Top Baristas!

    Almond Breeze Barista Smackdown One

    0 likes/shares
  • VS
  • SA's Top Baristas

    Almond Breeze Barista Smackdown Two

    0 likes/shares
Week 9 - Thabo - Beans About Coffee Vs Simba - Hazz, Newlands (CLOSED) +
    After a week's break, we come back strong with Simba from Hazz, Newlands and Thabo from Beans about Coffee
  • Thabo - Beans About Coffee

    Almond Milk Cappuccino by Thabo: Take 2

    2 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Simba - Hazz, Newlands

    Simba's latte art with Almond Breeze Barista Blend

    17 likes/shares
Week 8 - Thabo - Beans About Coffee, George Vs Carl - Maria's Coffee Roastery, Graaf Reinet (CLOSED) +
  • Thabo - Beans About Coffee, George

    Thabo pouring an Almond milk Flat White!

    5 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Carl - Maria's Coffee Roastery, Graaf Reinet

    Blazing Tulip by Carl Vrolick

    118 likes/shares
Week 7 - Jeff Stopforth - Beaver Creek Vs Jennifer - Bean Green (CLOSED) +
  • Jeff Stopforth - Beaver Creek

    Ballerina with Almond Breeze Barista Blend

    62 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Jennifer - Bean Green

    Jennifer - Bean Green : Almond Breeze LAVC

    2 likes/shares
Week 6 - Fiks Khuzwayo - Mr Price Canteen Vs Jeighman Zarira - Baseline Coffee (CLOSED) +
    Our first female competitor Fiks Khuzwayo pours 2 beautiful tulips and Jeighman of Baseline shows us what he's got!
  • Fiks Khuzwayo - Mr Price Canteen

    Almond Breeze Double Whammy Tulips

    346 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Jeighman Zarira - Baseline Coffee

    Latte Art - Almond Breeze LAVC by Jeighman

    87 likes/shares
Week 5 - Zeus Gqabu - Mastertons Coffee Vs Ken Machenje - Tribe Coffee (CLOSED) +
  • Zeus Gqabu - Mastertons Coffee

    Tulip King - Zeus with Almond Breeze

    50 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Ken Machenje - Tribe Coffee

    Ken vs the Decaf Almond Flat White

    2 likes/shares
Week 4 - Phakiso Kalane - Kauai Vs Innocent Chakanyuka - Truth Coffee (CLOSED) +
    Meet Phakiso Kalane of Kauai, Lanseria and Innocent Chakanyuka of Truth Coffee. Get your votes in for these awesome baristas!
  • Phakiso Kalane - Kauai

    The Almond Breeze Protea

    37 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Innocent Chakanyuka - Truth Coffee

    Almond Breeze Latte Art - Innocent

    162 likes/shares
Week 3 - Groove Mhlanga Vs Shawn Townley (CLOSED) +
  • Groove Mhlanga

    Almond Breeze Latte Art - Groove, Truth Coffee Roasting

    62 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Shawn Townley

    The Phoenix - Free pour latte art with almond milk

    4 likes/shares
Week 2 - Siyabulela Samora Harmans Vs Andile Dlala (CLOSED) +
  • Siyabulela Samora Harmans

    Samora Latte Art with Almond Breeze - The Swan!

    138 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Andile Dlala

    Andile - Bean Green Coffee Roastery: Almond Breeze LAVC

    92 likes/shares
Week 1 - Gino Fabbri Vs Chad Aden Whitby (CLOSED) +
    Say hello to Colombo Coffee's Chad Aden Whitby from Durban and home barista Gino Fabbri from Port Elizabeth! Who will emerge victorious this week and take the first R750! Entries close at 12pm Thursday 9th. Show your support for your favourite barista!
  • Gino Fabbri

    Almond breeze #latteartvideo #thecoffeemagazine

    217 likes/shares
  • VS
  • Chad Aden Whitby

    Why I Love Almond Breeze

    34 likes/shares